Thursday, July 16, 2015

Israel's Hope is my Hope.

This caught my Spirit this morning:
Sammy Rhodes, a campus minister (Reformed University Fellowship, Presbyterian Church/America) in South Carolina, TWEETED: 
Culture:  “Be yourself”
Jesus:  “Find yourself in Me”

After reading this, I then started reading my devotion from the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah when he cried out to God, concerned God wasnt there with Israel. 

Jeremiah's calling out to God was desperate yet he continually restated faith, knowing in his heart God WAS there even IN the struggle. 

        "You who are the hope of Israel, its Savior in times of distress...You are among us, Lord , and we bear your name...!" (Bells & whistles... like the tweet said, "find yourself in me")

Dig further, my spirit prodded.

Sometimes do you have trouble being still?  Yeah, me, too!

So I asked God to put me IN His Word.
Duh, this literally is possible.  Putting my cries IN Jeremiah's outcry:

        "You are my Hope,  my Savior in my distress. are with me, and I bear Your Name."

Then I questioned, "How do I bear God's name?"

Humanly speaking, bearing my family's name,  I receive respect and love, through the actions &/or past actions of my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather.  Their earthly legacy is such a blessing to me in so many ways.  In an even greater way than my worldly family, God is MY eternal Creator, teacher, provider.  (He knew me before I was born, and he counted every hair.)

His leading--making a straighter path for us, preveniently walking ahead of us and our circumstances shows His eternal love for His most-precious creation. 

As He quietly goes before us, could He be mis-perceived as abandoning us in some moments?

Pondering those words over and over, God's providence comes in many forms...obvious and during worldly struggles that may not be so clear.

My heart belief is "He wants 'the Best' for us, His believers, and is eager for our learning how to take on His character and actions. 

Seeking Him like Jeremiah and listening for His  voice, conveyed through His Holy Spirit in the quiet puts the world on hold while we spend time with Him.  (Which is why He sent Christ to reach us and have a personal relationship with Him.)

Yes, spending time in God's Living Word and listening for His voice is an active decision. 

He hasn't abandoned; let's listen,  watch, and wait.  The recognition will come in His time and He will share His love in very creative answers.

Where did Jesus, our Hope, meet you today?