Monday, February 27, 2012

ACADEMY NOTES…what do you think?

Busy PhilippsBUSY P* was ‘busy’ looking more ‘irritated’ than ‘happy’ to being photographed at the red-carpet event…She could have been thinking:
“This photographer doesn’t even 'unnerstan' my BEST side…”
“If the lady in her red dress asks me one more time for an autograph, I’m gonna….”
“How long will I have to wait forever for Mr. Bowtie to come up here with me for this shot?”
Emma StoneEMMA S* was like a large Christmas bow but very beautiful. 

There was a woman behind her, however, who appears to have NOTHING on underneath her dress…
and there are more photos to show you MORE detail…
Emma StoneHope her sequins never got ‘off-center’…
See what I mean…her sequins continue, partially, in the back; just enough to cover her ‘bum’…omgoodness!
Rooney Mara
Poor Roona didn’t know what was being seen in her shot…
Rooney MaraROONA MARA looks very dainty in this gown…but the gentleman behind her seems a little confused.
Jane SeymourJANE SEYMOUR is always gorgeous in her gowns and she didn’t fail this year, either. 
Butttttttt, the golden-clad maiden behind her was a little more flamboyant.
Jane Seymourrather ‘flamenco-ish"’ for my taste…she just needs a Spanish conquistador to escort her.
Jennifer Lopez
J LO is always pretty too; one of the critics I read compared her to a “statue-from-a-building-ish”. 

Where’s Matthew when you need him?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



superstickies (2)
superstickies (4)
superstickies (5)

superstickies (6)
superstickies (7)

superstickies (8)

...and it’s all in a word, you know?! 
Sometimes it’s my not hearing clearly
and sometimes it’s his ears that are hoping


(Devotion:  Barbara Johnson’s, SPLASHES OF JOY)


Saturday, February 18, 2012


Week 7.
Here's my week.

This week brought another birthday … 52 down and days into the 53rd…and I am thankful. 
Instead of buying a gift, this year I cooked a special ‘seafood/oriental’ dinner for hubs…the lobster was scrumptious and so were the strawberries!
After dinner, hubs surprised me with flowers and cards…so sweet.
My accountability sisters and I enjoyed this season’s cute romance, THE VOW.

I forgot to get a picture of us after the movie, but here’s one of the pics from the web…

After the movie, I finished working on baby shoes to give to our local teen pregnancy center’s mothers for their new babies…
was a catch-up day for one of my friends and I…we had planned earlier in the month to go to lunch to celebrate her birthday, but I was called to jury duty. 

Ms. Zena is a precious Christian sister who was born in Jamaica, and when she speaks, her lovely accent makes English sound so much prettier than my Southern lilt.
Her husband died five years ago, and she keeps herself very busy with church activities…she crochets with BS&K and me…making prayer shawls, prayer cloths, etc.  She always reminds us to ‘make your own joy, it’s contagious’
There was a very large window behind our seating area, and I had to crop the picture and enhance the color so you could see our faces….the food was NOT that yellowy/orange…hahahaha!

She enjoyed oxtails, steamed cabbage, plantains and rice-n-peas (red beans and rice cooked in coconut milk…it was delicious, we each share a bite of our plates) Winking smile

Below is my plate with a crispy thin plantain chip.  If you happen to have a Foot Prints Jamaican Restaurant near you, you should definitely try out their food; it was wonderful.
Having run out of snaps and little buttons, I made a trip to HobLob to refill my stash and to finish the latest pair of baby shoes…these are tiny, little preemie shoes (measuring about 2 3/4”)

Enjoy your week…and

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


1. George Washington-Abraham Lincoln-Thomas Jefferson...who would you most like to meet and why?

President Abraham Lincoln would be  my first choice…we share the same birthday…us…the two ‘water-bearers’, ‘creative’, ‘compassionate’-types leaning on worry more than we should and staying on our knees gathering His insights and guidance….

"I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me seemed insufficient for the day." Abraham Lincoln


2. What's your favorite chain restaurant? 

NEWK’s has become my favorite chain…they recently opened less than a mile from my house, uh oh. 

Their individual ‘Mediterranean pizzas’ are superb, and their soups are fabulous…’bisque’ and ‘white bean and smoked sausage.’.


3. When looking back on your life, do you imagine you'll think about goals you failed meeting, with regret? or 

Will you be looking at what you accomplished and say it was good?

Positive attitudes mean so much to your mental health and interaction with others around you…thankful for accomplishments He guided and blessings He brought Winking smile

4. Given the choice between an orange and a grapefruit which would you choose? … served as is or squeezed into juice?

oranges in raw form (peeled, eaten in sections, and cold…sweet goodness

5. When was the last time you cleaned out a closet? Is there a closet in your home that currently needs cleaning? What are you waiting for?

Notethere is a room, a pretty little room,

the prettiest room, that you ever did see…Note

NoteOh, the closet that is full,

and the full fills the room… Note

NoteAnd the stuff keeps piling all around, all around

the stuff keeps piling all around…Note

…because I’ve let my lazy put it as my last-on-the-list of to dos

6. You get to have lunch with three famous people...who would you like to see round your table?

I agree this one’s hard:   J. K. Rowling (her writing intrigues me but more importantly her imagination), Lisa Renfroe (Christian laughter is THE best laughter), and Ina Garten (she’d have to make the lunch, for sure).

7. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your ability to parallel park?

a 10, my daddy was adamant that my sister and I have this skill DOWN PAT before going for our driving test.  Thanks, Daddy!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Day 15 of FEBRUARY photos:  ‘phone’

my current wallpaper on my ANDROID cell phone is this picture:


precious memory for sure…taken at my college room mate’s wedding…”the year of big hair, wide shoulders and ‘the size 5 dress I’ll never get back into…even though it is still in my closet’, hahaha

Sunday, February 12, 2012

PROJECT 365…wk six

Week 6.

I cut cut a fresh pineapple and decided to root it…by time it has some dangly roots, it might be warm enough to move it outside.




The little black-capped chickadees have been hard to capture this week; boy, are the fast!




100_1288was able to capture the chickadee in the tree; waiting his turn for the feeder…


the titmouse was politely waiting his turn also


When the neighbor’s cat came prowling up onto my back deck, the birds all took to the trees…even the mourning dove…she sat up in the tree quite a while until she knew he was no longer on the deck.


they’re loving the bird butter….


Mr. yellow finch came back today


and then Mr. house finch came with his family…he was looking rather inquisitive, don’t you think?

100B1140Mr. titmouse finally got his turn



Today I continued working on some new little crocheted shoes … these will be going to the teen pregnancy center’s newest moms for their little ones…I especially like the little camo thread, it is wonderfully soft and easy to work with the needle.

Thursday    no pics Sad smile


I’m making this for Valentine’s Day…you can find it at JUST A PINCH


thought I’d make it ahead of time and see if I can have one ready for DearestDaughter at the end of the month when she brings her girlfriends with her.


Hubs and I went to the home show…

to see all the latest/greatest home improvement ideas…

lots of brochures/business cards…

for landscaping/retaining walls, brick paths, leveling the front porch; revamping the entire kitchen; rebuilding a deck/pergola with an opening/closing top/collapsible screens for the high-traffic doors/deck/garage…



one of the booths had a race car with many, many famous racers’ autographs…you might recognize some of these names…