Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Mama’s Losin’ It
challenged us FOR THURSDAY’S prompt…to answer:
What celebrity Dad would you have picked for yourself as a child?
Writing is a fun way to escape into 'what if' (I would NEVER wish to have a different Daddy...mine was THE BEST).but in order to 'play along' I had fun imagining one of my 'old tv heroes' as my 'pick'
My childhood always involved turning flips off the monkey bars, standing on my head, camping out in  my little pup tent and wanting to go swimming at our local pool. 

With the onslaught of all the good television shows in the sixties...at that time in my life, I would have LOVED to have TARZAN as a dad. 
He would have definitely been all about teaching me to swing from tree to tree…heck, he even taught the pets to swing.
…and we especially had to work on our hanging and chin ups, so we had the strength to swing without falling to the jungle’s floor.

His knowledge of animals was another love of mine—(and who would have ever guessed I married a man who used to ‘babysit’ a baby elephant when he was a kid, for reals!)
I would have been first in line to ride on the trunk of an elephant…doesn’t it look like so much fun?!  (my nose probably wouldn’t have been so happy but I’m sure I would have gotten used to it)imagesCA2MTB7K

Much time would have been spent gathering fruits from the trees and bushes as well as fishing.  (My daddy and I used to loved to fish, although I doubt our ways were quite like Tarzan’s.)imagesCA4I1ECX
Getting to feed the wildlife would be fun…my dad never would let me feed any animals from my hands…he said it would end in their biting me…bet Tarzan never said that.
TarzanDaddy would have taken me on many adventures my mom wouldn’t have let me go on…like walking on ledges high up in the mountains to rescue people.
On bad weather days, TarzanDad would have been all about teaching me to swim…he was an Olympic winner, you know?!

After we succeeded in showing our skills, DaddyT would take us on adventures to those wonderful places to swim.

DaddyT would have always come to my rescue if I had gotten into trouble or tied up while out playing in the jungle…
His having taught me to yell at multiple decibels would be my first line of defense…but sometimes kids would have snuck up behind me with their home-made ropes.

TarzanDaddy would have had great stories to tell me about his younger days before he met MamaT…she might not have liked his keeping his old pictures though.
His old stories even would have included some trouble he and Mama ran into on their honeymoon…but he always was able to find a way out of any predicament.

…well, almost any predicament.
MamaT had forgotten she twisted her ankle as they ran down that mountain…but DaddyT fixed is all up for her.
DaddyT would ALWAYS be able to get my attention when I was playing at neighbors’ homes (in addition to every animal within 5 miles)…imagesCAH1NTXTI could have played with all the animals as we followed the sound of his yell toward home…how fun would that have been?!
UncleG (his name was George, but I always would have called him UncleG) looked a good bit different than DaddyT
…and he wasn’t as good at swinging

Before me, DaddyT was all about his animals…especially that monkey!
…but the cat came in a quick 2nd.
MommyT would have been SOOOOO excited when I came along…DaddyT would have learned how to love me
DaddyT remembered the time he took us all to the city for vacation…and I loved getting to see the new sights from those big yellow things with their fat, black tires.  imagesCAB05PN8
We never could get him to ride inside with us…
THE MOST FUN WE WOULD HAVE HAD would have been getting to see a movie. 

And guess what, they were making a movie about us!...

…one with a pig and a frog, go figure!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PostItNote Tuesday

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Monday was ‘volunteer’ work in the morning with two other people who give so much of their time …unfortunately, this caused me to MISS getting to HUG my BabyGirl…she was heading back to T’town.

Mama’s heart hurts (along with her head) when hugs are missed…maybe I’ll get out the vhs tapes to watch old videos... of her sitting in my lap and hugging my neck in order to patch this hole.  Sad smile

a little thrifting during the afternoon brought several ‘new’ Summer tops, matching sandals, books, blank journals and miscellaneous greeting card packets …pics will follow in this week’s photo365

Think I’ll use my leftover pinto beans for chili tonight with some lower-fat corn muffins and mixed-green salads …after I get home from dropping off my large bags of clothes to Goodwill

What are you doing this afternoon .. or fixing for dinner tonight?

Friday, March 16, 2012


  friday fragmentsclick the widget to join us...

*Outside... brought rain, wind, and fog as the latest HIGH moved into position…we had been in the 60s and I was WONDERFULLY comfortable; now, I’m hot because we’ll be in the 80s throughout the weekend and next week  >:(

**More room in the closet...Two extra large bags of clothes are now gleaned from the closet and ready for the thrift store (after I take pics for record purposes/taxes)

***Who's visiting? BabyGirl has been home on spring break and has been chilling…we’ve had a day out shopping for new jeans due to her success in dropping a few pounds…so excited for her success (done in a healthy way)

****Here's to accomplishments:  success has been accomplished…I’m now the ‘knower’ of working gussets, decreases and increases, while knitting socks…now on my third pair in a week.  they are getting easier and easier Winking smile

5* Foodie Fact:  asparagus chopped on top of a four-cheese frozen pizza gives it a ‘hit’ of flavor that is sooooo good…definitely will be doing that again

CONCLUDING SUMMARY:  NOT ONLY is it beautiful outside, it is also more beautiful inside my NOW more-spacious closet.  I've so enjoyed getting to spend time with my girl...talking, cooking (now, she LOVES asparagus, too!) and I'll be sad to see her heading back to college on Monday (so I envision I'll be knitting more on Monday)



John 8:31 "If you continue in my word, then you are truly Disciples of Mine; you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

Thursday, March 8, 2012

MIRACLE 'BABY' & HER LITTLE BROTHER...great back-up music, Elvis!

It's been a while since I've updated my blog with my great niece and great nephew...

our miracle-baby, K, is now 5 years old and her last heart surgery was two years ago.  It's so wonderful to see how well she has been thriving.  We continually prayer for her continued good health and the God-led actions of her surgeons and specialists. 

The following is a picture of their visit to the aquarium recently...I just wonder if one of those really large hammerhead sharks was swimming past as this picture was made.

Little brother, R, is now 9 months old and recently had to have his first hair cut...K said 'that was silly'.

These two have wonderful times playing together...and, K, still enjoys 'stealing the show' whenever she hears music and knows there's a crowd.  Here she is helping Elvis at one of their town gatherings; and yes, she had a good crowd...and she even gets a dance partner close to the end of the video...(it's a 2min5sec video).
What a blessing to see their family enjoying one another as these two grow bigger and bigger. :)

John 8:31
"If you continue in my word, then you are truly Disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

PROJECT 365…week nine

Week 9…come join us over at Sara’s.
Have you ever made waffles using canned cinnamon rolls? 
They are so good, as long as you cook them on a lower waffle setting.  I found that the cinnamony-sugar tops would adhere themselves to the waffle iron if it was too hot. 

Very quick, and no mixing required…just pop them out of their packaging, spray your waffle iron and set them on the ‘low’ waffle setting…once the steam begins to settle, they are ready to lift out, add butter and top with your confectioner’s sugar or maple syrup.
click the pics for larger pictures

An unexpected visitor stopped by one day this week…

He was VERY fast when he decided to slither away from the front porch.

Storms clouds were moving in when I walked out to the mailbox on Friday…this was the storm cell moving in that caused so much damage from here up through Indiana…

Prayers are still going out for those impacted by the storms…

Pork chops in Chablis-glazed mushroom gravy, lima beans and ‘old timey’ pear salads were our dinner one night this week…

I thought they were very pretty on my ‘fruit of the spirit’ cutting board

Finally, I enjoyed getting some shots of my Bradford pear trees that are budding/blooming about two weeks too early…

We're expecting some ‘freezing’ weather tonight and I'm afraid it will put a bad mojo on these little pretties.