Sunday, July 26, 2009

PROJECT 365 (days 3 & 4)

Project 365...still catching up from vacation


…more sleeping reading. Heaven on earth--look @ that water!

100_0580 …we met little Gracie and Laney; they were next to us under the umbrellas—now, they REALLY enjoyed the beach!100_0582

my TRUE view (when I wasn’t on the raft, playing in the water on the float)…


isn’t it fun watching the fruits of labor…i loved this sailboat—that would be a great place to enjoy the water!


…dd couldn’t let vacation interrupt plans to see the new “HPotter & the Half-Blood Prince”…new t-shirts and hoodies on, we braved the MIDNIGHT showing

JKRowling’s book came to life on the BIG SCREEN…it’s very TRUE to the book. Harry’s such a GOOD guy!

Advantages in a ‘smaller town’ for a midnight showing…

  1. 3RD in line
  2. best seats in the house
  3. only about 100 people there :)



got in bed around 3:30am…slept late…enjoyed my lunch on the patio while sunning on the balcony…the more vitamin d the better…


my ‘talked-to-5-in-the morning-teens’ “afternoon-risers” enjoyed the beach a little later in the day…(I was finishing ECLIPSE, and daughter couldn’t help but pick it up to sneak in a few paragraphs while I took pictures.

SMeyers is a good author, too. I’m hoping she’ll come out with another series that’s not ‘vampir-ish’. She’s got great imagination and pulls you into her stories. 100_0645 God’s beautiful sunset over the water…His beauty is like NO OTHER! 100_0648


A decked-out dune buggy looking like the ‘Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech”!! (KathleenK & JonathanS…this one’s for you!)

Another confirmation the flowers were enjoying the Florida weather, too!


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