Tuesday, December 4, 2012


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JOINING JOYCE and the others...

1.  Our traditions surrounding the Christmas stocking:  usually the LAST thing opened...a few nice gifts, a few silly gifts, and some chocolate, of course. 

Here are some  things Santa puts in our stockings (yes, I STILL get one...)
-socks/hosiery                                     -ties/handkerchiefs
- Stationary                            - Phone case/cover
- Nail polish                    - Chapstick
- Wine stopper                   - scratch-off Lottery tickets
-inexpensive jewelry           - Scented candles
- Mini tool set                -Cookie cutters
-travel-sized games/puzzles            - Magnets
- Hot chocolate/coffee                       - Coffee mug                           - Perfume
- Make-up brush set        - Reusable grocery bags  
- Ear buds/headphones              -Itunes/Amazon gift cards    
 - Body lotion       - Mini sewing kit/crochet hooks/knitting needles
- Golf balls/tees/engraved ball markers

when I was growing up, we had to open our stockings FIRST (to keep us entertained while the parents made their first cup of coffee)

2.  I average between 7 and 8 hours of sleep, but they're usually interrupted with one visit to the girl's room...getting back to sleep can be an issue.  An afternoon power nap is always fun, too!

3. If I had to give up one thing for the remainder of this year it would be:  Cokes...I need to give them up anyway after hearing how horribly they affect your pancreas and your insulin spikes.

4. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or Wills and Kate as I like to call them) have announced they're expecting a baby. I like to keep my ears open for what's going on in their world...but I'm not obsessed with it.  I used to follow their Mother, Diana, much closer....she seemed to be one of the ones with the most sense of 'real compassion'.

5. For me, the sound of childhood was reading to my girl before bed...and hearing her giggles or her singing along to our little Christian songs.

6. Fruit cake-can be a yeah or a boo; according to which one I try to eat.  Some are horrible...one we buy from NC is awesome.  My favorite dessert made with fruit...my grandmother's fried apple pies...surely do miss her making them.

7.  One thing I want to accomplish before 2012 comes to an end...it's be nice to get my Christmas tree up before Christmas Day.

8.  Randomly fell onto CBS Tuesday night...the VS 'angels' were prancing in their underwear...what little there was of it.  

They incorporated pop star artists R* (Do you enjoy hearing lyrics that repeat for umpteen times?...most rap horribly bores me) 


and B* (wearing pants below his bottom that look like a 'full' diaper is dropping down through his pants...oh, that'll make for a better show....what?? 

Commercialism to the max.  Guess their sales will be skyrocketing Wednesday with all the young girls wanting to mimmic. 

Wee, a makeup bag free with a $75 purchase! 
(I'd rather spend my $$ to feed someone or take some diapers to our Pregnancy Center.)



J.Day said...

Okay, that last picture - the kids looks completely ridiculous.

Lighthousegal said...

My daughter works in Victoria's Secret in our local mall. It is always crazy busy and at times amazes me with some of the clientele that shops there. I would have never thought that elderly women, in their late 60s to 70s, wear that stuff. To each their own, I suppose.
Santa has put many items from your stocking list in my or my kids stockings a few times over the years.

retired not tired said...

Glad to see you will try to live without "Coke" especially diet variety - it cen lead to kidney problems as one of my friends found out the hard way.

Kara said...

I need to give up soda myself. But it's so hard! I love it too much. And little girl giggles are so fun. :)


I especially liked #5....the reading to your girl and laughter.

Joyce said...

Congrats on being early : ) Aww, Justin...what is up with the trousers? That would make me crazy-I'd be pulling them up all night : ) I didn't see the show.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I missed the Angels and the Beeeb's too...I'm so sad...NOT!

You always find such fun things for the stocking but then that's the true nature of the "Queen of Shopping" we all bow to your gifted-ness in this area!

I was in such a foul mood yesterday that I should have soaked that Grinch washcloth and used it to hurl at my husband...


pursuingkindness said...

Fried apple pies sound yummmyy!! What is up with low pants, I'll never know. The other day, I was walking down the hallway of my uni and saw a kid walking in a weird way trying to keep his pants from falling all the way down. It was purposely down to his midthigh. >.<

April said...

I don't get why the Bieb's wears pants like that...thought he was way too cool for droopy britches!

Sammie said...

Giving up soda has been one of the best things I ever did. It's been about 6 years now. Though very rarely I will splurge and have a soda, like gingerale or cranberry siera mist. I use to drink the stuff like water.

Empty Nester said...

I sometimes have trouble falling back to sleep too but I found a great app of sounds so now I listen to a rainstorm all night. I LOVE it! I listen when they talk about the royals- especially when it's positive but I don't seek out information. Cokes-- I gave those up YEARS ago. Can't stand the taste of them now. But it was NOT easy.

auburnchick said...

We always do our stockings first, and growing up, my sister and I woke up in the wee, wee hours of the morning. The stockings kept us busy for a couple of hours. I never even realized what the purpose was until now! LOL!!!

Oh, and like you, I am hoping to get my tree up before Christmas. I don't have any motivation right now though. :(

learningfromsophie.com said...

I suppose I'd find it sad if the underwear was like clothes, but I don't think I'd want to prance about in my underwear in public....EVER. But ya know...

Yay for giving up on soda. My bug bear is 'diet' drinks. They are worse for you (as quite often are most 'diet' foods) than the real 'full fat' version as they put so many dodgy chemicals in to make it taste ok. And really messes with your body.