Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Tiglet" Appears

I had just noted on a friend's blog earlier this afternoon how I wished the little stray kitty would come back...hadn't seen her in 3 weeks or so...it only seemed fair asking God to bring her back 'cause the birds returned to "Be Still and Know's" backyard. Well, He wasted no time on this request...guess who met me at the garage tonight?!

Meowing, meowing, and rubbing up against my legs...as if she was saying, "Here I am, aren't 'ya glad t'see me?" Looking as if she had never been away, and I asked her where she had been. It would have been so cool if she could have answered me..."Oh, I just decided to hang out in someone else's garage for a few days" or "I found another "He Man" calico that caught my eye!" or "That other lady down the street had better snacks than you had so I decided to stay a while but I wanted to come see how you are."

And, I must admit, I was glad to see her...I really do wonder what she's been up to and what all adventures she's had. I sat there in my outdoor swing rubbing her soft head, as she mew'd over and over, rolling and scratching on the ground. She must have fleas running free in the tall grass and woods that are behind the house; but I still enjoyed petting her velvety fur...making a note to wash my hands as soon as I got in the house.

After giving her a little food and some water, I said my goodbyes for the day and returned to the kitchen to start cooking dinner but not before taking a few quick photos (the birds inspired me earlier today) so you could see her, too.