Friday, December 9, 2011


We had a night-out last was lots of fun as we decided how and where to meet, whether or not we'd eat before we got there, etc.
We pushed the hustle and bustle of this month aside to take a few hours to HEAR "The Story: A Christmas Spectacular".  Have you heard of it coming to your area?

Driving through all the traffic while talking to my friends is much more stressful remembering back to the many years of driving downtown to my full-time job.  

There's much more traffic on the road these days...and it's only been 10 years since I was working full time.  

Driving through the downtown streets, we enjoyed seeing all the lights and decorations up in their towers.  Their decorations certainly are making this time of year a wonderful time to go to an event down among the high rises.
Motorcycle policemen in their 'furry' leather jackets with toboggans sticking out from under their helmets, street musicians pounding their drums and the homeless greeting all walkers for some help during the season... reminding me of people I encountered on lunch breaks during the Christmas season while working throughout the 80's and 90's.

Back in those days, I would skip breaks in the morning and afternoon, so I could add 30 minutes to my normal hour lunch...then I'd grab a girlfriend to join me...running downstairs to the rapid transit train, riding three stops south and jumping off at Peachtree Center then walking to Macy's or Rich's.  

We'd watch out for each others' belongings while paying cashiers and/or bagging our 'finds' then RUN back to the train for our return trips to beat the clock.

Those were fun times...yet, stressful times.  I don't miss all the traffic and the LONG train/bus/driving issues I ran into throughout the years of working 'inner city'.  

Last NIGHT was not stressful though.
We enjoyed Christmas carols from several known musicians
preaching from Max Lucado and
original songs/written by Nicole Nordeman...
(sorry for the blurriness...these are phone pics from about 100 yards from the stage)

MAX LUCADO                             

                 NATALIE GRANT
If you get a chance to see this show...go.

Their talent with word/video/song was awesome...and so was time with with my girlfriends as we sang, praised, listened, cried and prayed.

It gave me a 're-awakening' of the true meaning of why Jesus came to this world...why He loves us and intercedes for us...and that ONE DAY, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess "Jesus Christ is Lord!"