Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Welcome to this edition of Joyce’s Wednesday Hodgepodge.  Be sure to add your link at the bottom of Joyce's post. 

Here are my answers-

1.  Noah Webster was born this week in 1758...(wonder what he’d say about last night’s debate)

I own several dictionaries…softback, hardback, digital…nowadays the digital is getting more use simply because of the ease of going straight there while I’m composing posts or reading articles.

2.  Our public schools ban Halloween celebrations yet call their festivals FALL festivals…and the kids sometimes where costumes.  We typically did them on Saturdays so as NOT to take up school time.

3.  My favorite 'dog' movie as a child was OLD YELLER…
my fav as an adult is MarleyMARLEY AND ME
…sweet stories, both of them.


4. I don’t remember the last somewhere I would describe as 'too quiet'…speaks to our anxiety in this country, methinks.  

5. Neat cooking is what I desire…cleaning along the way; now the reality sometimes turns out much differently.

6.I heard about Felix Baumgartner, the skydiver who broke the sound barrier via parachute.  My first thought went straight to the safety issues surrounding that kind of extremism. 
I enjoyed hearing MORE the perspective of Dr. Jon Clark, who led his medical team…
Dr. Clark’s wife, Dr. Laurel Clark, was Commander on NASA’s Columbia mission back in the 80’s.  columbia_crew(third from the left in the picture)

His reason for being involved was covered by Katie Couric on her show…loved his perspective; it actually gave this adventure a much better conclusion in my opinion, rather than it just being a thrill for Mr. Baumgartner.

7. FELTERGARB should be a word, but only lives at my house (this is my remembrance of what was said on on the 1978 old Battlestar Gallactica meaning “oh cr*p”…the word they said was FELDERCARB but my ears heard FELTERGARB)…and I still say it incorrectly, actually I like my version better.
I say it when I get frustrated, or hurt a finger.

8. I’m hoping Joyce takes some really GREAT pictures of the leaves; we don’t have much color down here yet.  Have fun, Joyce!