Friday, August 2, 2013


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I'm being brave, setting my timer, clearing my head... for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.  OK, I'm ready. 
Giving my best five minutes on the word:  STORY


As our parents become older, roles begin to change. What once was our parents watching over us as children begins to reverse.

My sister and I are now asking questions for our mother as she is undergoing medical procedures to reduce leg pain brought on by a pinched nerve in her lower spine.
Her surgeon, wonderfully tall and handsome, so I wondered if his background was long enough & detailed enough to properly handle my mother's case. Of course he's qualified!  My post menopausal brain tends to worry too much even in obvious situations.

As they took mother to surgery, all of her family was there to kiss her cheek, pat her hand and thank the doctor for his help. This story continuing out into the waiting room...everyone remembering one or more of their own past surgeries or childhood injuries.

One uncle recalled injuries from playing in the country, running barefoot and stepping on sharp sticks...pulling them out and granddaddy packing the injuries with salt...which "burned like the dickens", in Terry's words...but they gave him plenty of room to break free and run after granddaddy finished 'packing it'...saying, "He ran about 3 trips around the house before it settled down any".

I'm so thankful mother will not be 'packed with salt' after her surgeon is done with the spinal incision~I doubt he'd let her run around the hospital.