Friday, November 21, 2008

FRIDAYS FAVE 5 (my 1st edition)

Decided to participate in something to lift my spirits,
my body is fighting feeling miserable...
as I sniff, cough, and blow...

1. WARM, FUZZIE SLIPPERS...keeping my toes toasty as I endure this bug that has jumped into me totally causing the histamines in my body to go crazy...just where in the world does all this stuff come from in my head??

2. LOVE TEACHING MY 16YO...MAKING BUTTERSCOTCH KRISPIES...she's been wonderfully conquering the "driving by herself" thing and is out and about with friends.
She was making treats for Honors Latin Club this weekend ....their school is hosting Certamen, pronounced (kur TAU men)...Latin for "competition"...topics ranging from the minutiae of Latin grammar/ vocabulary, Latin-based etymology, Roman history/culture, and classical mythology.
Did you get that?? I was a music geek in high school...needless to say, this is TOTALLY over my head...i can't imagine being in a 3rd year of Latin but she's enjoying participating in this classic organization.

3. LEFTOVER FOOD. In that I had made extra "Ham bone Soup", I didn't have to cook while sick...yeah!!
My ham bone had been frozen, so after quickly thawing it, I added in my other frozen item, my "stock bag"! I keep a "zipper freezer bag" where I've tossed EVERY leftover vegetable that is not enough to feed the whole family at a future meal...When the bag becomes FULL, it becomes the base of my soup. (This is something my GRANNY always did...she lived through the depression and NEVER through ANYTHING away. ) After adding some spices and a can of chicken broth, this soup was ready to go...hard to beat it!

4. FINISHING A PRAYER BLANKET...I added fringe to my crocheted prayer blanket, so it's ready to take to the prayer blanket ministry.

We crochet once a week as a group, pray over finished blankets, teach each other new stitches, and enjoy each other's company. If you don't know how to crochet or knit, we'll teach you...and it's fun to know you're helping someone stay warm while enduring chemotherapy or warming up with the Holy Spirit that comes with each blanket!

5. Echinacea Complete Care tea--I so enjoy sweetening it with my Manuka Honey adding a dash of cream and then slowly sipping it...letting the steam rise up onto my of those wonderful moments when the rest of your body is curled up under a flannel blanket. I'm eager for it to shorten my cold, reduce my symptoms and help boost my immune system that seems to be so "out of whack".

So, those were my favorite five today...what are yours??

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Much Ado said...

What a great idea with the prayer blanket and it's so pretty too!

nikkipolani said...

#2 - what a fantastic idea as a base for your soup! And yay-you for having enough left over while you're not feeling well enough to cook. Hope you feel better soon. My mom freezes fruit that's on the cusp of being too ripe. Whenever she wants to make a juice drink, she pops the frozen fruit into her blender and has an instant shake!

Susanne said...

My husband's mom does that exact same thing for making soup base. And same reason, she went through the depression and learned to use every little thing. Nothing was wasted.

Those prayer blankets are a lovely idea! And kudos to your daughter. Third year Latin. I can't even fathom.

Thanks for joining in. I loved reading your faves. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Robin said...

That blanket is beautiful. How wonderful that you made it.

I hope that you feel better soon!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite things this week. Hope you are feeling better soon.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

What a great full list! I loved seeing the pic/reading about your 16 year-old, since I have one, too. Isn't that weird how something like that gives people a little bond with each other? I'm glad the driving thing is going well. We'll probably practice tomorrow--gulp!

ellen b said...

Hope you are all better soon. Love butterscotch treats and ham bone soup! That is great that your daughter gets to learn latin. I think it's a great lanquage!!

Brenda said...

Great idea for the soup stock. We eat soup all year. Economical and healthy.

Found you at Susannes.