Sunday, December 26, 2010

PROJECT 365...kinda

Week 52, kinda
SUNDAY, 12/ pics :(
but on Monday...I got two pics

MONDAY, 12/21 Babygirl and I enjoyed mani and pedi treatments ... even though they're from Vietnam, they decorate for the Christmas and wish everyone Christmas wishes...I loved their tree

Babygirl kinda likes having her fingers and toes 'done', can you tell?

LATER THAT SAME AFTERNOON, she had to get busy finishing a present for a friend...I'll have to show it to you later, she hasn't presented it will be after her best friend returns from her Christmas trip.

I was gathering the gifts I had bought for my accountability/prayer group so I could cook the next day and fill their 'plates'

 I was able to go ahead and get a one of the munchies finished...just LOVE these shortbread cookies with Ghirardeli chocolates squished into each center...oh, so buttery!
We enjoyed our lunch together at Red Robin's, I had a guacamole bacon burger...then we exchanged gifts (but we didn't get any pics)...we so love getting together to eat, pray, share...made my week.

12/24, FRIDAY
Last-minute shopping for Dad, helping babygirl choose some last minute things and then home to wrap.  While Dad and babygirl were readying for church, I prepared stuffed shells and pasta sauce for dinner...I was able to get ready while it baked in the oven.  I was finally able to setup the camera to get a family shot...these are hard to come by, believe me.  Somehow I don't believe it will make my Christmas card next year, I may do a collage of Christmas morning shots for next year's card.  Babygirl was so pretty in her new Christmas dress and pearls...I really do have a grown daughter...I have to keep pinching myself through all my hot'll notice I had to dress with sleevelessness...I did wear a red and black jacket over this tank to go was around 53*

We certainly enjoyed our time together under the Christmas tree and then opening stockings...lots of sweet surprises...Mama has a tomtom, finally...although, I'll name him something else once I decide his voice...of course, he'll have to have an appropriate name, hahah...either going to choose an 'aussie' accent or maybe a little Irish!

Since we ate such a late brunch of french toast and sausage, I ended up doing a later Christmas dinner (around 7pm).  I prepared Sourdough rolls in my breadmaker, glazed a  Smithfield mini ham with my drysack sherry/greypoupon/honey/brown sugar glaze, left-over-frozen Thanksgiving turkey breast, BS&K's wonderful cranberry sauce, ultra cherry mixed fruit, lima beans w/ vidalia onions, glazed slow-roasted sweet potatoes, and it was all followed by a fresh-from-a-pumpkin gingersnap pie (thank you, Alton)
We watched a couple of Christmas movies before and after dinner while running back and forth to the window watching the snow grow as the minutes went by...this is the first white Christmas we've had here in Georgia ..since 1993 when a trace amount was reported...the last Christmas with any significant accumulation was in 1882.  This REALLY made this year's Christmas special...wonder if we'll have church tomorrow?

Jer. 33:3
"Call to me and I will answer you
and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."