Sunday, April 8, 2012

PROJECT 365–week fourteen

JOINING SARA…and the group for week ‘fourteen’…

3/31/2012 – CollegeGirl,  her roomie and one of her nursing friends drove home to celebrate Skoot’s 20th birthday, and we enjoyed every minute. 
In that it’s Easter week, I have to ‘re-post’ one of my favorite pics of ALL time…from when she was four and we were making ‘Easter bunny muffins’ that Grammy had sent in a large box.  She was a little excited to open the oven Winking smile

**CLICK THE PICS for a LARGER view**

I made a double-chocolate cake that we all chowed down on after some wonderfully-smoked bbq chicken…then we played a game of PHASE 10…I miss the teenage laughter that comes with young people


3/31/12 – we took the girls to the ZOO…and to say they enjoyed it is an UNDERstatement…they really did have a fun time.  They’re coming back so they can feed the animals the next time.  Let’s call her “GingerA”…she absolutely LOVED the goats. 

I took this shot on Sunday before they piled in the car to return to school.

4/4/12 – After my SweetHomeAlabamaGirls left, I got busy and finished the baby dress … only one more piece to go in the set…a little shrug.

4-6-12 – Not having anyone at home to slather in my normal Easter treats, I decided to make a batch of peanut butter shortbreads to give to my SmallGroupGirls (for coffee dunking).  Next time I’ll use a little more brown sugar…they’re good but not quite sweet enough for my taste.


4/7/12 – Yardwork was  in order…and what a beautiful day it was…in the 60s with a slight breeze.  I had to trim back my roses, so the little cuttings I brought in to wait on their blooming.

Later that evening I stoked up the BigGreenEgg again and did another batch of grilled chicken and corn.  (the best leftovers EVER!)

4/8/12 – We gathered with friends after church and drove about 20 minutes down the highway to enjoy Easter Dinner at Pappadeaux’s…we LOVE seafood and cajun food…some of the best!

BS&K’s family joined us out on the veranda before heading into the restaurant where crawfish, shrimp, fried soft-shell crab, and stuffed crab were enjoyed with some great sweet tea.
Happy Easter, everyone! 
He is Risen and still answering our prayers!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I can't wait to try the cookies tomorrow!

I want to do another morning and coffee again this week. It was fun to just sit and enjoy the back yard while Muffinhead played!

Great lunch today!

The Bug said...

It's too close to lunch time here to be reading about all this great food :)

Looks like you had a great week - glad you got to spend some time with your girl.

Joyce said...

We played Phase 10 this weekend too. I know what you mean about missing the teenage laughter. Sigh.