Sunday, April 15, 2012

WK 15/P365

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4-9-2012     The beans we soooo good last week, I decided to go buy more, snap them and cook them down again…lovin’ the onset of summertime veggies.


4-12-2012      Finished the shrug for the little layette I had made…this DEFINITELY ended up MAKING the outfit…prayers for a soon-to-be-in-this-world babygirl!




Family always brings some NEW laughs when we get together at birthday parties…my great nephew turned 1 and we gathered for a cookout birthday party.  Here the great grandmas are showing their prowess at embracing the ‘birthday style’…


Thrifting brings many surprises…and I found this cute little lawn mower for BabyR…He loved PUSHING it as he made circles around the couch amongst all the BIG people…then he went outside and REALLY cranked it up.  He can moved pretty quickly for a 1 year old…he started walking at 9 months Winking smile


Nana was enjoying watching him scurry back and forth, but Pops was eager to give his eyes a rest.


BigSiterKatie was able to get LittleBrother to taste a bite…and he was soon ‘smashing it’ and having a grand ole time getting the icing all over  him



and take LOTS of pics so we can see what you were UP to in your part of the world.