Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BUTTON DAY...the thrifty way

White and Green were the tag colors today for 50%-off the ticket prices at one of my 'thrift' joints.

After sliding through many clothe-hanger racks, I succeffully chose several items that were white/green tagged items, and I was very eager to get home to these:

because I wanted to cut off all of

 They're much cheaper ON thrift clothes than buying them on sale from the fabric store...especially bigger ones...mucho expensive.
I have seen this size button for $5-$6 a card (with 6 buttons)

These metal leaf buttons are tiny...and they're my favorites of the day...I'm eager to decide what I want to sew them onto later...usually they end up on one of my knitted or crocheted projects...I think they are adorable.

The blouse the above beads and buttons were from was $3.00 (actually $1.50)...and I get to use the buttons on a project but the beads are going to be a NECKLACE...booyah!  SCORE!

My best button DEAL was on a safari-type jacket...it had TONS of buttons for $3.00 ($1.50 on sale)...17 buttons...3 different sizes..LOVE it!!

What do you do with buttons?

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