Friday, March 22, 2013


Mommy's Idea

Mrs. 4444 is hosting another Friday Fragments.  Why don’t YOU join here, too?! 

Here’s my five:
  • souls were poured out last night in our prayer/accountability group…lots of tissues pulled out of the box during our anxiety cleansing…so thankful God walks ahead of us and gives us only what we can bear
  • a little chickadee has decided my bay window is his path through my house.  I’m telling him there really is a window there (that little beak is going to split if he doesn’t quit pounding it against the glass)…he’s not understanding my words apparently…he MUST have a headache by now
  • baked some cinnamon bread this morning and the smell is wonderfully comforting on this overcast, colder weather morning.  I want to know, “WHERE’S OUR SNOW?  We haven’t had any and I don’t want DINOSAUR-sized mosquitoes this Summer Sad smile
  • my collegeGirl is going to be celebrating her 21st birthday next week…

she’ll be celebrating with one of her good friends in her collegeTown on her actual birthday… 
Will we get to celebrate with her? 

20ChanningDon’t know yet…stay tuned.

  • hubs is attending a weekend-long woodworking seminar at a local arena with tons of vendors, demonstrations and project ideas.  I like going to those sometimes, but the thought of standing on a cement floor for multiple hours makes my knees hurt…

My eyeballs hurt, so there may be some cucumber slices during my afternoon down time (if said chickadee lays off his ‘machine-gun attack’ on my window, that is). 
If I have to lounge quietly with the slices on my eyelids, it will help me stay away from the cinnamon bread, ha HA…sounds like a plan and I’m making NO guarantees it will work.   
Now to go wrap collegeGirl’s gifts before Hubs comes back home with all his new band saw projects and takes over the workbench.