Monday, December 30, 2013

WAYWARD MOOSE INN…wayward we were

My husband’s family wanted to get away for Christmas this year…losing their mother in September left a big hole and the memories are every where in my sister-in-law’s home…so, off we went. 
Driving into the NC mountains to stay on top of one of them…at the Wayward Moose Inn and Guest House…


Everyone had their own room and bathroom, yippee!

After moving luggage, food and
decorations into the house, we decorated the tree and various spots around the main Inn…we had the entire place to ourselves.  Then…it was time for our first GAME NIGHT…Taboo, explaining people, places or things without using specific words…it was fun!
CollegeGirl & Fitz-Mom

My room overlooked the valley in two directions…one set of windows to the East and one set to the West… awesome!
Fireplace In the Corner was FABULOUS

Our FIRST ‘touristy’ move was visiting Biltmore Estate…(the pictures on their website certainly beat mine) however I wanted to share a few because I have a very photographable collegGirl…isn’t she pretty beside the poinsettias?!


WAYWARD AS I took these shots ...before I knew there is supposed to be NO PICTURES inside the house...but, I didn't use flash, so I didn't break the biggest rule.

Entrance Hallway next to Atria


The reception area is always to prettily decorated at Christmas...what a beautiful atria.


I always love the view from the porch on the back of the house

Glorious View from Porch

WAYWARD AS WE HUDDLED while DRINKING HOT CHOCOLATE AND LATTES:  It was 19* while we were there; and even though my hormones were raging, I got cold!  Can you believe it?! 

So…I bought a felt hat I just LOVE!  I can wear it six different ways…here’s one way…I was standing in the Conservatory hot house with all the orchids…I can do a complete post on just the flowers I shot

WAYWARD WHILE STOPPING TO TAKE A SHOT...THIS IS what you see as you drive by the Estate. They had candlelight tours going on with more than 3,000 people parading through the house; so they wouldn’t allow us to drive down the front driveway…this is as close as we could get.
 Will post more WAYWARDNESS later…
Hope you had a blessed Christmas!