Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's Fall...
when I think Fall, I think PUMPKIN

I'll start with the EASIEST recipe I've ever made...

1 can 'pumpkin pie mix'
1 box, yellow cake

Mix ingredients, pour into greased muffin tins, bake 20-22 mins in 350* oven

That's it!! :)

FALL also brings different Messianic/Jewish celebrations...Sukkot was most recent...this is from BETH ADONAI (a Bible Based (Old and Renewed Covenant) Congregation worshipING the way Yeshua/JESUS and his disciples did. They celebrate the feasts and practices of the Torah as they experience Mathew 5:17 where Yeshua said "I have not come to abolish the
Torah or the Prophets, but to bring them to their fullness.")

(Sukkot is first mentioned in the Bible as the name of the first stopping place of the Israelites on their journey out of Egypt in

Genesis 33:17
“Ya’acov went on to Sukkot, where he built himself a house and put up shelters for his cattle. This is why the place is called Sukkot [shelters].”

The word "sukkot" actually means "woven". These shelters (booths) were woven together from branches and leaves to
protect the animals from the sun, so sukkot later came to mean the hut or booth with the "woven" roof. Since we are
commanded to build a hut or booth on this holiday as a reminder of G-d's sheltering care for us, this feast is called
"Sukkot". (One booth is a "sukkah", and being a feminine noun, in Hebrew the plural becomes "sukkot".)

Leviticus 23:42-43
“You are to live in sukkot for seven days; every citizen of Israel is to live in sukkah, so that generation after generation of you
will know that I made the people of Israel live in sukkot when I brought them out of the land of Egypt; I am Adonai your God.”