Thursday, October 1, 2009



  1. This last week brought new challenges with our weather...miles and miles around Atlanta we were FLOODING.  Never in my life would I have EVER thought this would happen here...we're usually in the throws of drought.  The bad of this situation put a fire under and showed the power of the GOOD of this situation...our VOLUNTEERS. 

    God, Please bless ALL those who came to aid in ANY form to those who were are in such messes with things at this time due to the flood.  Your love was shown in so many!

  2. Thank you, Lord, for sending a pastor our way who not only preaches the Word but also rolls up his sleeves and moves furniture...he evens picks up stone BULLDOGS out of the creek and washes the mascot can go back on the front porch stoop!
  3. Changing the subject:  Mentors are SO important when raising a teenager...thankful for those who give their time in listening, teaching, guiding our teens in those moments they are away from us. 

    Dear God, may we EACH be attentive when we notice NEED from any young one or teenager.  They MAY NOT have a listening ear in their world, give us a quickening of spirit to be there for THEM!

  4. My new glasses are a blessing to me...I can now see street signs from a distance rather than RIGHT when I'm up on them...don't LIKE having to wear them but they ARE a blessing.
  5. SUNSHINE is pouring through my living room window and I can see the shadows of the tree leaves dancing on the floor as the cool wind of Fall is stirring...

    Thank you, Jesus, for blessing me today with sunshine streaming from all around and the cool breezes coming through my open windows!

Praying YOU have a blessed THURSDAY, too!