Tuesday, December 8, 2009


*please bear with me...this is a little long, but has a good lesson at the end :)...

DD had come home from school today and was in the process of dressing for her "end-of-semester, in-front-of-the-multi-school professors' internship presentation" where she will verbalize her semester accomplishments/activities.

While DD was ready'ing herself, 'Derbs' came over with, of all things...thank you, Jesus,... BUCKEYES...as part of her spreading Christmas cheer! PICT0912

(The above picture is from a musical they were in last year)

Her buckeyes were wonderfully peanutty goodness surrounded in milk chocolate...(Lids, I feel your pain...I want MORE!)

Having nibbled on my ONE buckeye wanting to say "give me that entire bag did I mention I NEEDED more? But obediently I turned away from the plastic bag Derbs was holding, sweetly tempting me with the richly, calorie-blessed balls of pleasure. Yes, I forced myself to turn away and return to my dryer of warm clothes calling to be put into each closet.

This one chore sits now among others on my very-full Christmas list:

  • dish putting-away & dirty dishes going in dishwasher
  • changing bed sheets
  • finalizing photo picture-card order
  • tree decorating
  • gift wrapping
  • Disciple3 lesson class-plan tweaking
  • gift shopping (before 12/18 parties)

After completing one chore, the others were like little sugar plums dancing across my mind...and while reaching into the pantry to throw together a quick-salad lunch...IT HAPPENED...

A BRAIN OVER-RUN ... one over-run with holiday plans

My little synapses were working too hard, I guess...SOMETHING occurring in the depths of my cerebellum unable to endure overload...My hormone-replacement deprived body DEVOURed normal motor skills...they became lackluster.

Rather than placing the handful of small sesame seeds in my lettuce bowl, I DROPPED THE ENTIRE fist full on my kitchen floor.

Can you picture it? Their clicking and bouncing like caffeine-high mexican jumping bean...up and down...sounding like a small waterfall spraying around, across, under, and in every corner of my previously-swept kitchen floor.

Just as they finally settled from their 'happy dance' across my floor, "Derbs" came around the corner (with plastic bag of buckeyes in hand) on her way to her next destination.

{Now, prior to her going upstairs to see DD I had decided I was GOING to tackle her as she was heading out the backdoor and send her on her way without that entire bag ask for another buckeye...} Two wouldn't have been too bad, would it??

"Stop ya'll...just tiptoe around the seeds so they don't get in your car and smushed on my floor!"...no, really so she wouldn't go flying across my floor unexpectedly...then she was out the door and gone...

before I REMEMBERED my wanting ANOTHER buckeye! aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh! (a quick pirate-moment ensued) :\ sorry....

Oh, well, sometimes I'm protected from myself...even when I don't want to be protected.

When in the midst of getting many things done, what kind of messes have you made...or when did you realize protection even when you caused a mess?

1 Thess. 1:6
"...you welcomed the message with joy given by the Holy Spirit."