Friday, February 18, 2011


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TODAY WE'RE thinking
 primarily of our growing-up years of DRIVING:  Around the age of 24, a driver in front of me had stopped.. then started again when merging onto an expressway.  Suddenly she STOPPED AGAIN!  No one was coming from the left but my foot had already gassed it before seeing her tail lights. Crunch!  There were no cell phones to call the police.  

The first traffic ticket?  Oh, it was about 50 feet passed a stop sign in front of my boyfriend's church, hahahah!  Truly.  Being sixteen and having my Mother in my passenger seat actually made it easier.  She agreed I had stopped, but the 'new recruit' policeman said,
'Young lady, Did you realize that was a real stop sign you just ran?  You did not make a 3-second, 4-wheel stop?'
He made that statement just after tapping on my window with his 'billy stick'...yep, to get me to roll down my window.
"guess I looked back a 'gang banger' in my silver-blue Beetle with my Mother."     (he didn't show in court; the judge gave me a warning and $25 court costs.)   So there, Mr. Rooky, sir.  
One of our youth was killed a few years back in an fiery highway accident with a transfer truck.  This changed many lives in many ways, and we will never forget him...

(He was so sweet and helpful...always my 'strong arm' helping with boxes of pizza or other food.)
Before babygirl was born, we witnessed a motorcyclist t-bone a car (who ran out in front of him), flying over two cars and landing in front of us.  Thankfully, Hubs was a 'Red Cross' first responder and knew exactly what to do...holding the cyclist down until the ambulance got there.
(The really scary part:  He had just dropped off their 5yo daughter at grandpa's house before getting hit). 
Seat belts weren't involved in riding in a car until my teen years.  I would roll myself up in a ball in the backseat floor board, listening to the tires on the myriad of pavements as we would traveled to Florida for family vacations. 

(Maybe I need to do that on hormonal nights when I can't sleep; maybe hubs would be willing to drive me around while I lie in the backseat floor board!)
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