Sunday, March 13, 2011

PROJ365, wk 11


Sunday, 3.6.2011 (DAY 64) no pix
Am I the only one who finds this?   

Maybe the old roll is needed for a future project.    Is it a hint?  Maybe there wasn't enough time to handle this big job before running out the door.  What do you think could cause this strange phenomenon?

I need to try this hint stuff...  I can bring the veggies to the table in the can rather than dirtying my pots, do you think that would go over?  bite my tongue

MONDAY, 3.7.2011 (DAY 65)
One of the previous students in my youth group was in the hospital, so a 'prayer shawl' visit was needed.

Making a prayer shawl takes time but delivering them is a pretty quick thing to do. 

Sharing prayers and love with those around us spreads God's Word in very tangible ways.

After dropping off the shawl, I grabbed a piece of pizza and a salad from the hospital cafeteria and sat outside to figure out what that large shiny thing was in the sky to enjoy the sunshine!
TUESDAY, 3.8.2011 (day 66)
Enjoyed lunch with the hubs close to his office ... doesn't his chicken breast dish look wonderful sitting up on that pile of mashed spuds?

WEDNESDAY, 3.9.2011 (DAY 67)
no pix

THURSDAY, 3.10.2011 (DAY 68)
I love getting shots when I'm out walking...isn't this an interesting double set of trees coming out from the side of the creek?

FRIDAY, 3.11.2011 (DAY 68)
Hubs rented scaffolding so we could work on getting the new foyer chandelier put in place...what a job!

SATURDAY, 3.12.2011 (DAY 69)
Most of this day was used getting the old chandelier down and the new chandelier up...whew!  He's up top...didn't want a pic on the internet so I cropped him out...18 feet off the ground on top of the scaffolding and up the to disconnect/connect the electricity.  Good bye, old 80's brass!
  Hello, new brushed nickel!

Sunday, 3.13.2011 (day 70)
What a blessing it is to have DearestDaughter home from school.  She has safely arrived, already been having fun with her friends...
here she is enjoying some reading time on our deck in the Sonshine after worship and lunch! 

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us these blessings throughout this week.  May each of us in Project 365 have another GREAT WEEK and recognize it i from you!