Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Thankful Thursday, click it to join us @ BUGSEYE VIEW
Thankfully we have amazing movies to remember Liz's gorgeous violet eyes and her amazingly-composed acting abilities (especially under the age of 15)...May God bless her memory giving her children, family and friends loving remembrances to hold in their hearts.
Thankful our church youth will be going on spring break soon. Their leaders will lovingly be showing them Christ and His Love.  Feeling a littlesad 'cause I won't be going...that season has passed but still praying they'll be encouraged, challenged, humbly open, and constantly listening.(yes, i can jump with the best of 'em; i did not say it would be pretty)

The sun in shining brightlythrough all my windows as it passes across the sky, the breezes are blowing my wind chimes and the birds woke me chirping loudly this morning. Thank you, Lord, for your steadfastness and renewing our part of the world with SPRING!) (soooo, I am thankful for 'mucinex'...'nuff said.)

Our air conditioner man will be here tomorrow to 'check the freon' and 'add if necessary'. (for this I will be extremely thankful come July and those 100* days)
Have a great day, yall!!!




The Bug said...

I just read your comment at Robin's blog & was wondering how you were doing & lo & behold here you are! I'm thankful for spring too. If it will just manage to atually arrive & stay here :)

sara said...

oh my gosh, I LOVE that picture of you and your Jumping Jesus Joy!!!!

I have been running my air conditioner for a week thankful for it!!!

Today I am thankful I do not have carpet in my house!!! :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

loved watching Cleopatra this morning, I did not get to watch all of it, but was floored when I saw a young blond headed Roddy McDowle as Ceasar...

see ya later

Joyce said...

I'm thankful the sun is shining...there is snow on the ground (a lot in fact) but I'm happy to see the sun!