Thursday, March 31, 2011


Remember the NAME GAME? 
Some call it the Banana Game...
it'll get caught in your head...
If you're NOT familiar with that song, watch this:

A recent 'addiction' I've had...
giving definitions for the 'verification' words shown on the myriad of blogs I visit, read and leave comments.
I've named my  addiction for this time-using fun :Verifi-nary

(you know, a combo of verification and dictionary...real original huh?! hahah

Oh brain isn't very creative these dayz.

Verifinary, Verifinary, bo-Verifinary
Banana-fana fo-Verifinary
I wanted to use the same voice inflections like that song...when saying 'verifi-nary'

Gradually I'm building my list of BLOGwordz and "verifi-nitions", hahahah!

I've been posting on my top-right sidebar those making me giggle,like:

  • BLABLUUM what you need when a new blogger is 'teething'

  • Do you ever come up with 'toungue-in-cheek' meanings for those little verifier words?  

    I think it would be something different to blog about here and there.

    What do you think about periodically sharing them? 
    If you already have some, link up and share them here :)