Thursday, October 13, 2011

IN THE VALLEY...where moss grows

Peace for the Journey
Elaine over the PEACE FOR THE JOURNEY asked us to elaborate on "how we know"  when God is fulfilling.    Here's an excerpt from her blog (or you can read the entire writing here.)  
My answer follows....join us, won't you?   
note:  The comments end up as blessings...believe might want to continue asking this question on your blog and see the answers you receive.
"Hope deferred does, indeed, make the heart sick; but longing fulfilled is a tree of life."(Proverbs 13:12).
Deferred hope. Who of us hasn’t experienced this kind of heartache at least once, twice, or fifty times in our lifetimes?                                                                When this happens, even as it has happened for me this week, we must practice our faith despite worldly contradictions. We must speak it, rehearse it, pray it, and read it until we finally, again, rise to believe it. If we are to recover from the searing pain of hopelessness, then we must hit our knees to the floor and reach out for truth. God’s truth. Not truth as the world gives, but the truth that truly is and that lives in the heart and witness of Jesus Christ.  So, here is my question for you.  A fill-in-the-blank sort of pondering.                                                                                                    What answers would you provide to the following statement?: I know that God is ________________________, because ______________________ .
My answer to Elaine was:

I know God is PROVIDENT in those moments when we are unable to help ourselves, because when recuperating from major surgery and being overwhelmed wondering 'how' my family and household was going to run smoothly during recuperation, He sent his angels to me. 

Angels with food to revive and sustain, presence surrounding me with peace rather than lots of talking, and willing hands and feet to vacuum floors and put away dishes without saying a word. It was in those moments that I knew, that I knew, God was showing me his love, teaching me to open my heart and mind to 'receiving' in order for it to bless someone else. 

Receiving is hard when one is used to being in service...lessons from the valley become the BEST mountaintops. 

(p.s. at the end of this comment to Elaine, my WORD VERIFICATION was...get ready...I didn't make this up: 

...God continued by showing me even MORE of His creativity ...even in the smallest 'word verifications'...oh, I could go on from there...

Now a 'lite' note:

What grows in the valley, under the northeast side of trees, where the afternoon sun doesn't do it's heat?


beautiful moss...
I envision things like:
Pinned ImageMoss

I must say, I never envisioned this...

There's NO WAY you'd ever catch 'this menopausal woman' getting in that suit...

or being accused of: "breaking into the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals"!  hahahahaha ;)