Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Come join us over at THE DIY SHOWOFF blog on 2nd Tuesday...this will be another layer of fun and pinning.

These days of ‘empty nesting’ involves ‘more time to myself’…more time to try new things, such as Pinterest.

Browsing the world-wide web helps reignite many different "dream themes"…

One I enjoy a lot is capturing ‘fun’, university-related items for me or my daughter.  I'd like to do something creative with this poster...maybe 'hodgepodge' on an old window frame, etc.

I love everything about this!
Other dreams involve clothing...lots of clothing colors, arranging outfits, matching shoes, hats...what fun! First, a quick 'houndstooth' history lesson:

Houndstooth is sometimes called dogtooth; and when it's smaller, puppytooth. The Scottish originally named it after the jagged effect arising from the bite of a not-so-friendly canine while the French's Gallic translation of houndstooth is pied-de-poule – 'chicken foot'.  (There is a herbaceous plant found in Europe known as the houndstooth/dog's tongue/gypsy flower...it's to the right)
For the most part, the effect using ''houndstooth" patterns was signifying power over and above prettiness, which I think is wonderfully RELEVANT for a school's use with their football themes.
We can't be involved with the University of Alabama without 'houndstooth'...big, little patterns, on EVERYTHING...and in ANY color
hattin' h'toothh'toothin' heelsnice gloves
fashion' h'toothEven 'nails' can host houndstooth these days...i just love these; and my daughter probably owns the instructions on "how to do" these nails (unbeknownst by me)
nailin' h'tooth

On my board for houndstooth I did find a need for breaking up the pattern a wee bit...so I added in this 'cute' and 'very important' remembrance from my fav book/movie this year...
Best quote from the Movie