Saturday, October 15, 2011

PROJECT 365...Wk 42

Week 42.

10/10/11...gradually I'm getting my 'Fall' decorations in places.

...even though a few of them have disappeared



after I put out SOME of my decorations (the cute Fall-colored linens on the mantle)

...seems the little ghost visited and moved them into our 'shawl storage chest' behind the recliner, hahahah!

10/11/11  i've also been having fun with some recent photographs...I just wanted to see how 'picnik's' enhancements looked...not too bad

10/12/11  Hubs was able to get the 'overgrown' shrubs out from around the mailbox, and the rain had stopped after making the ground nice and pliable.  Now my pansies have found their new's the BEFORE.

and the AFTER.
AFTER a quick clean up, we were able to go to the church and enjoy dinner with many of our church of our friends with his sweet.

10/14/11  I enjoy a nice cup of 'cream of wheat' some mornings...
and yes, I make mine in the microwave. 
But, THAT morning I was later getting to my breakfast 

(I was watching DREW on PRICE IS RIGHT...and there was a precious young lady playing PLINKO

...and i HAD to see her 'release' her chips 

and see where they landed...

I was jumping up and down, because she won $21,000 ya'll!  

....and I forgot about my CoW...

hahahahahah!  had to clean it up quickly or it was going to turn into cement.

The following isn't my video; but it was making its way around FB...i laughed a lot.
Hope you like it, too.

10/15/11  While watching football throughout the early afternoon, I decided to crochet a hat.

it came out larger than expected...i didn't check my gauge.

oh, well, it is what it is...excuse my 'in-formal' model, Mr. Lamp

he doesn't have much personality.

Hope you have a wonderful week!