Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Mama’s Losin’ It
challenged us FOR THURSDAY’S prompt…to answer:
What celebrity Dad would you have picked for yourself as a child?
Writing is a fun way to escape into 'what if' (I would NEVER wish to have a different Daddy...mine was THE BEST).but in order to 'play along' I had fun imagining one of my 'old tv heroes' as my 'pick'
My childhood always involved turning flips off the monkey bars, standing on my head, camping out in  my little pup tent and wanting to go swimming at our local pool. 

With the onslaught of all the good television shows in the sixties...at that time in my life, I would have LOVED to have TARZAN as a dad. 
He would have definitely been all about teaching me to swing from tree to tree…heck, he even taught the pets to swing.
…and we especially had to work on our hanging and chin ups, so we had the strength to swing without falling to the jungle’s floor.

His knowledge of animals was another love of mine—(and who would have ever guessed I married a man who used to ‘babysit’ a baby elephant when he was a kid, for reals!)
I would have been first in line to ride on the trunk of an elephant…doesn’t it look like so much fun?!  (my nose probably wouldn’t have been so happy but I’m sure I would have gotten used to it)imagesCA2MTB7K

Much time would have been spent gathering fruits from the trees and bushes as well as fishing.  (My daddy and I used to loved to fish, although I doubt our ways were quite like Tarzan’s.)imagesCA4I1ECX
Getting to feed the wildlife would be fun…my dad never would let me feed any animals from my hands…he said it would end in their biting me…bet Tarzan never said that.
TarzanDaddy would have taken me on many adventures my mom wouldn’t have let me go on…like walking on ledges high up in the mountains to rescue people.
On bad weather days, TarzanDad would have been all about teaching me to swim…he was an Olympic winner, you know?!

After we succeeded in showing our skills, DaddyT would take us on adventures to those wonderful places to swim.

DaddyT would have always come to my rescue if I had gotten into trouble or tied up while out playing in the jungle…
His having taught me to yell at multiple decibels would be my first line of defense…but sometimes kids would have snuck up behind me with their home-made ropes.

TarzanDaddy would have had great stories to tell me about his younger days before he met MamaT…she might not have liked his keeping his old pictures though.
His old stories even would have included some trouble he and Mama ran into on their honeymoon…but he always was able to find a way out of any predicament.

…well, almost any predicament.
MamaT had forgotten she twisted her ankle as they ran down that mountain…but DaddyT fixed is all up for her.
DaddyT would ALWAYS be able to get my attention when I was playing at neighbors’ homes (in addition to every animal within 5 miles)…imagesCAH1NTXTI could have played with all the animals as we followed the sound of his yell toward home…how fun would that have been?!
UncleG (his name was George, but I always would have called him UncleG) looked a good bit different than DaddyT
…and he wasn’t as good at swinging

Before me, DaddyT was all about his animals…especially that monkey!
…but the cat came in a quick 2nd.
MommyT would have been SOOOOO excited when I came along…DaddyT would have learned how to love me
DaddyT remembered the time he took us all to the city for vacation…and I loved getting to see the new sights from those big yellow things with their fat, black tires.  imagesCAB05PN8
We never could get him to ride inside with us…
THE MOST FUN WE WOULD HAVE HAD would have been getting to see a movie. 

And guess what, they were making a movie about us!...

…one with a pig and a frog, go figure!