Saturday, March 3, 2012

PROJECT 365…week nine

Week 9…come join us over at Sara’s.
Have you ever made waffles using canned cinnamon rolls? 
They are so good, as long as you cook them on a lower waffle setting.  I found that the cinnamony-sugar tops would adhere themselves to the waffle iron if it was too hot. 

Very quick, and no mixing required…just pop them out of their packaging, spray your waffle iron and set them on the ‘low’ waffle setting…once the steam begins to settle, they are ready to lift out, add butter and top with your confectioner’s sugar or maple syrup.
click the pics for larger pictures

An unexpected visitor stopped by one day this week…

He was VERY fast when he decided to slither away from the front porch.

Storms clouds were moving in when I walked out to the mailbox on Friday…this was the storm cell moving in that caused so much damage from here up through Indiana…

Prayers are still going out for those impacted by the storms…

Pork chops in Chablis-glazed mushroom gravy, lima beans and ‘old timey’ pear salads were our dinner one night this week…

I thought they were very pretty on my ‘fruit of the spirit’ cutting board

Finally, I enjoyed getting some shots of my Bradford pear trees that are budding/blooming about two weeks too early…

We're expecting some ‘freezing’ weather tonight and I'm afraid it will put a bad mojo on these little pretties.