Monday, November 26, 2012


My own version of the Simple Woman's Daybook for today:

Outside my window
...the dark gray cat has been running in the yard and all my birdies have flown away...go away, Mr. Cat. 

I am thinking...that I agree with Cindy and don't know how much Christmas decorating I'll be doing this year.

I am thankful Mother getting to come here for Thanksgiving as well as my sister.

From the kitchen...I see a few rinsed dishes waiting to be loaded into the 'currently full-of-clean-dishes" dishwasher.

I am creating...a doggy sweater with some unusual cable-ing that has made it quite a torturous pattern.

I am reading...the same book I was reading two months ago...haven't picked it up for even a glance; guess I'll have to re-read again.

Around the house...this morning's folded laundry is sitting on the breakfast table gathering its breath before finding its way to the upstairs closets and drawers. 

On my MP3 player this week...Josh Turner melts my heart with his deep, country bass voice; mmmmmmmmm.

One of my favorite things...sipping on my morning latte and watching the birdies eat their breakfast from the porch...unless the gray cat is lurking...Go away, Mr. Cat.

One of my least favorite things...hearing a tousle out on my porch, hearing little feet scattering with fright, Go home, Mr. Cat.

Something you don't know about me...I've flown airplanes several times...a passion I have but can't afford to get a license and/or maintain a license...thank you, pilots, for letting me learn and fly with you by my side.

A Simple Grace Note: So thankful to have a very nice washer and dryer...there's nothing like getting your laundry done...easy peasy!

My simple devotion:

Psalm 34:8  Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes

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