Friday, December 12, 2008


Here's my Friday Favorite 5 for this week:

While eating lunch today I was startled as something whammed up against my front door, the doorbell rang and I found this year's Christmas presents from North Carolina...we'll unwrap them later and spread out under the tree. Thank goodness they made it to the door this year...a few years back, they were delivered to the garage door without a doorbell ...this was before they made rear-end sensors...there was a "crunch" as the SUV backed up, we jumped out to find one box under the truck and one box lodged up against a tire...only one thing was broken and a large picture was a little bent but we were able to straighten it back out.

Decorating the tree is one of those sweet & sour, ying & yang, good & bad kinda things...we have to use a fake tree due to allergies so needless to say we have to wear gloves when positioning all the branches and tips into the right positions (after they've been squished all year under the cover) . It really hurts as the needles of the tree poke and scratch. The good of seeing the childhood ornaments and remembering the people associated with them outweighs the pain. This little white dove is very special (he was on a bouquet of flowers at my Daddy's funeral in 1990. Each year he's positioned in the tree, it's like having part of my Daddy with me (and it gives me another opportunity to talk with my daughter about my Daddy 'cause she never got to meet him. ) One of my fave memories...we gave him a folding workbench...he was playing around and sat down inside the legs of the bench and got STUCK! It made a great picture --he laughed so much his false teeth almost fell out!

This is my newest snowman in my kitchen Christmas collection...he's guarding my nuts right now, but soon he will be holding fresh, homemade goodies for the holiday. Since we don't get a lot of snow here, this helps me get in the Winter-feel.

Hubby collects nativities and I found this one for him at an "angel" shop in North Carolina several years includes the entire nativity as it hangs on the wall...(I figure as we get older and may not be able to put up a tree one day, this will proudly hang above the mantle where ever we are and be our entire Christmas never hurts to plan ahead for the retirement home)...especially since I heard my 16yo say last year while her church choir was entering an elderly home to sing, "Oh, this is a nice place; I'll have to remember it for my mother when she gets old".

When dear daughter was 3, she had this Christmas picture made at her daycare...can you tell she was excited. I have multiple Christmas pictures I hang throughout the house during the holidays. (She still reminds me how much she hated her hair in this picture as we bring it out)...In reality, she loved her hair short because she could brush it...and Lord knows she wouldn't let me brush her hair 'cause I made it hurt....have I ever mentioned how much we loved "NO MORE TANGLES" spray?! God bless whoever invented that stuff, it even works with bubblegum! I love remembering back on the innocent, excited "Santa" years...what fun!

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Favorite fives from my week:

1. A kid's Christmas program I actually enjoyed rather than simply enduring.

2. The family Christmas picture. Went much better than expected. No tears this year.

3. The Christmas latest, favorite Hallmark movie

4. Shopping with my 19 year old at Wal-Mart today for all of my baking supplies.

5. Pajamas...early on...somewhere in the neighborhood of 6:00 PM if I have any say so in the matter.


Robin said...

Is there anything more exciting than getting packages in the mail? I'm glad you got yours safely this year!

Susanne said...

What a fun list. Thanks for joining in!

That kitchen snowman is too cute! I have snowmen in my kitchen too. Well actually all over but I don't have one that can hold goodies.

The nativity is gorgeous.

The Correspondent said...

What a great list! Those boxes look like they contain some serious presents.