Friday, December 19, 2008


Finished my Christmas cards to the post office to probably stand in line with the masses who haven't mailed their gifts yet. It's one of those things I'd rather not do...Lines seem to be a common thing for me these days...I was in line longer than 3 hours for the presidential was outside in the COLD, WINDY morning air. At least when I go to the post office I'll be indoors.

There are things about lines that can sometimes be very worrisome......general health hygiene becomes a concern as you stand in and amongst those others who have waited late in getting their post office chores completed

..."sneezes and coughs" being blown across the room with no attempt to suppress their effects...put you shirt over your nose, wrap and elbow around your face--or even hold a tissue over your nose and mouth--there's an idea!

...Considering WHO it is in front or behind you...Overall cleanliness works great in a line if you've had a bath within the last three days or so, but sometimes I wonder if some people know what a bath is...

Yes there are times when your job requires you to get dirty,
and I love DIRTY JOBS with Mike Rowe; however, unless it's Mike Rowe in front or behind me, I'm not going to have much fun standing next to a grown-up version of Linus! Kids seem to not smell so badly when they're dirty, but adults are a whole new category.

So, wish me well as I depart for the USPS to encounter the unknown length of line, the myriad of smells, the chorus of personal sounds being emitted by those in the general vicinity, the sights of digits busy in oh so many ways, and the deflating of my wallet as I pay for postage for my stack of Christmas cards....

I'll covet your prayers for safe journey, that no sneezy germs come my way, and that I'll keep a smile on my face to one and all, remembering that I am very blessed to have a home, a family, a church home, good neighbors, food on our table, and most of all good health, generally speaking...maybe I'll see Mike Rowe!

What do you notice when you stand in line with the general populace?
UPDATE:  Well, I returned from the mail center about 10 minutes after I left home! There was NO I didn't encounter any sneezes, coughs, or Mike Rowe (shucks, for this one).  Is God good or what?  I even was able to confirm my packages were guaranteed for delivery before Christmas morning!
Well, Monday I'll be going to the grocery to gather my list for Christmas, so I'll let you know then if I run into Mike! Enjoy your last weekend of shopping before Christmas Eve!

Psalm 64:2 Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked,
from that noisy crowd of evildoers.