Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Did some post-Christmas shopping for a few at Wally World.
Do you enjoy Wally World after the holidays?

Wally World is fun after Christmas...especially when you get to do it with your sister and great niece! Here in my living-room side chair are the fun things I bought.

Probably the best deal I got was on the Christian Christmas cards ($1.50) and a new Rooster cookie jar ($4.50) that I didn't picture because he's definitely NOT Christmassy...

My daughter asked me "why" I bought the stuffed reindeer with the animated smile (that lights up)...
I looked back at her with a quizzical look...
well, of course, I bought him becuz he's funny...
you push his button, he sings "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" as his sled moves back and forth and then spins in a, wouldn't you buy that, too??!!

The other cool thing I got is a set of "Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer" cookie cutters...the cookies have cross sections you bake as well, so once you decorate the cookies, they STAND UP! Right next to the gingerbread house I'm gonna make next year...thanks for the inspiration, Liddie, at 2nd cup of coffee, you've laid down the gauntlet and we should all have a gingerbread competition online!

Pencils with snowmen and snowflakes...I usually give my kids in youth something throughout the Winter-blue months. And, of course, I had to buy new tissue paper for bags 'cause I usually DON'T wrap with real paper anymore...the tissue paper is snowmen, Santa, red and white polka dots...($.50, yeah!) I'm one of those people who sometimes irons tissue paper...especially if it is really neat and I want to RE-GIFT with it!

Not that we NEED any more "nativity" ornaments on our tree, but I couldn't pass up the golden rectangular one or the painted ball one shown on the left. We always look for new shapes and new's becoming a nativity tree.
The little angel on the right is part of the FAITH has a little angel on each end of the sculpture. I got many stick-on decorations for gifts as well as lots of scrap booking pieces, and gift card boxes in cool colors with ribbons included.

Many other blogs I have visited recently have either shown a video or a picture of one of their favorite gifts...well, I received a ceramic penguin tea set for now resides on my "penguin" village table in the dining room. The person who gave it to me didn't even know I had a penguin collection new to our Christmas this year! Something about penguins always make me giggle.

The more I looked at it I became very aware at how much the middle one resembled Danny DeVito when he played Penguin in Batman, I'm a little creeped out!

... and I just realized I need to go back through my boxes because the one of the right doesn't have a hat and I'm not sure if he's supposed to have one or not! Oh, man, it would be just like me to throw away his hat!

The other thing I wanted to do in this post is wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! So, please read below and ponder into the new year about what others may see in you, I know I will be pondering it and asking for Christ's guidance along the way.

Harbingers of happiness, awake!

And dreams abandoned, return from restless sleep!

Past hopes, whom bitter wanderers forsake,

Promise once again what will might reap!

Years turn and turn, at each new turn reborn,

New imagined by redeemers new,

Each in turn vouchsafed a festive dawn,

Wind driven towards a sky of darker hue.

Yearning is of innocence a cause,

Embracing with delight what ought to be,

As once a year even truth takes pause,

Reflecting on what other eyes might see.

(by Nicholas Gordon @

Exodus 40:2 “Set up the Tabernacle on the first day of the new year.