Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Do you have an aquarium in your city? We do...it's a bit of a drive from our house--winding our way on the interstate and then meandering through the city's streets...which have changed names since we were there on our last visit. (this town is CONSTANTLY doing road work and it makes for challenging adventures as you immerse yourself in and around all the skyscrapers, not knowing if your road will get you where you need to be...or rerouted with major detours).

Family was visiting from other regions and they wanted to see the Titanic Exhibit at Georgia Aquarium...so, off we went. Other than a little chill in the air as the gusty winds engulfed us, we walked to the front door with no trouble.

Naturally we couldn't take pictures of the exhibit...it was very detailed, with lots of actual items from the Titanic, pictures of crew members and passengers, etc. We each received a card with the name and personal information about a passenger...at the end of the tour, they had the passenger/crew lists, and we were able to find out if our person had survived or not...so, so sad, especially seeing the children.

When we emerged from the depths of Titanic display, many wonderful things were there to greet us in a large, flat pool on the 1st floor...a petting tank of sharks and stingrays!

I took lots of pictures and wanted to share some of the better ones with you. I may write more about the fun we had tomorrow, but for now...enjoy the 1min-40sec-show as you hear Bach's Prelude #3!!