Saturday, February 7, 2009

Project 365, Week 6

Time's marching on...we're in week six of Project 365...for more, go here:

We had about 270 kids at our youth Super Bowl event...

they loved the big blow-ups...they had to take their shoes off, so there was a great opportunity to have a "foot" contest...this group won for most colorful!

I just didn't understand why the teens weren't as "into Bruce" as we were...his music did NOTHING for them...yet we found ourselves cheering and was fun...not!

Monday was "grocery day" off to Wally World. I usually don't go there, but I was on that side of town. The main reason I was going there was to get the 3d glasses so we could watch CHUCK!

Tuesday was spent steam cleaning my carpets....absolutely wore me out from head to toe.

Wednesday started with a wonderfully warm cup of joe as I blogged ...

later was lunch with a girlfriend at the local Wendy' was only 17* outside, so we felt we HAD to have chili for lunch.

Our prayer share with the senior high teens went very well...they sing like angels...and one of the boys brought the message. They had good discussion and sharing...and they ate, and ate!!

Thursday followed with dental appointments...aaaahhhh, good job, no cavities...

Friday was supposed to be a counselors' social...but it turned into a surprise birthday party for me!...boy, does time fly.
Friends and family were very kind to me...we laughed a lot...DS posed with me and "Weston" who kept us company during the party...he's so precious!

Games, cards, presents, food, an absolutely beautiful cake (except for the larger-than-life, big blue 50 staring at me)

And, finally, the week ended with my doing laundry all picture of that because I know you know what that looks like. Hope you had a great week, too!