Friday, February 20, 2009


My year of JUBILEE...Described in Biblical words as a special time, a time to “...proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants; it shall be a jubilee for you..."For it is a jubilee; it shall be holy to you." Leviticus 25:10,12

Half a century ago......a lot of neat things were coming into our world.

The year, 1959...Boots and H. J. were expecting "twinkle in their eye" to arrive as all the following events joined in the year's celebration:

  • Pantyhose are introduced (Thank goodness it didn't take long for all the stockings, garters, garter-belts, and corsets were thrown, I hate pantyhose even...thigh-highs are the way to go if I have need of hosiery...even those are a pain if I'm in slacks, then its KNEE HIs, baby!)

  • She's here! BARBIE! (Yes, Barbie is actually older than me...woo hoo! How she keeps that body, I'll never know!)
  • Jiffy Pop! was brought into being... (yeah, "the magic treat"what would I do without it...I didn't remember Ruth Buzzi being in this commerical, but I sure loved this ad)
  • Maxwell House inaugurates the "Good to the last drop" ad campaign (and we still recite that little ditty as we drink our lattes and java-chip grandes, don't we?!)
  • BIC ballpoint pen is introduced in America! (those little pens kept me in business as a stenographer for many years...thank goodness I didn't have to use a cartridge pen b/c whenever I did use a cartridge pen more of the ink leaked onto my fingers and clothes than ever flowed onto the paper.)

  • Alaska was admitted to statehood on February 3, followed by Hawaii on August 21.
  • Bonanza debuts on TV (I must admit, I was a LITTLE JOE fan!! He was just too cute in those leather chaps and boots.)
  • The microchip is invented by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce of the U.S. (I owed a lot of my telecommunications career to this invention...boy, we wouldn't be having these blogs if it wasn't for that little chip ingenuity...BIG little chip ingenuity I should say)

  • Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" released. (Awwwww, sharing birthday months with Barbie and Sleeping, the competition is tough!)

In today's times, the word Jubilee brings quite different meanings and sights.

  • The Queen of England had her year of Jubilee and they produced stamps for her...apparently she gets a stamp every 10 years....(Dog, I haven't gotten my first one yet! Guess my blood's not blue enough)
  • There are showgirls in Vegas in the show Jubilee! at Bally's.

  • (I've been to Vegas but didn't go to Bally's...I was constantly closing my eyes while I was in that town, and that can prove to be dangerous as you're walking down the main drag. I didn't want to see the ads on the back-ends of taxis and the billboards, or the nasty, little business cards being pushed at you by the "side-walk" promoters of the "off main" sites that can't afford the billboards and taxi ads. I was praying for forgiveness that I was even there, although I did enjoy the time with hubby when we saw BLUE-MAN GROUP at the LUXOR...Do you reckon they'll get stamps since they're very obviously blue enough!?)
  • X-MEN has a Jubilation...they call her "JubiLee" for short, and she had the superhuman power to generate "fireworks" of explosive plasma.
  • (Oh, I want that power...there are times now when I'm starting an internal fireworks show, and I think this power would really bring the message home not to bother me at the moment, you know, while I'm in the would be nice to enjoy an explosive gala in the sky! AHA, as Liddie would say, "I KEN LEE JubiLee and her powers, especially if I could have them :) )

  • Golden Jubilee Barbie looks quite different than the 1959 version above. (I just might have to invest in this one)

  • ***I can't believe I forgot the Gospel Jubilee...I was raised on this...hearing it as we got ready for church each Sunday

  • A beautiful golden crown was given to me for my JUBILEE
  • I also received new, bedazzled spectacles to adorn profile (that is growing every wider every day)

  • And I got to proclaim my liberty by blowing out my candles (thank goodness they didn't have 50 candles on the would have burned the house down and I sure wouldn't have had enough air in these lungs to extinguish the flames!)

    • After getting a look at my party pictures, I bit the bullet and went to the salon...I'm done with the long hair.