Thursday, February 19, 2009


Thanks to "Livin"...she tagged me in her post...for "6 random things".
Hhhhhhhhmmmmm, what have I not referenced in these memes before today's request??

  • When I was a little girl I would "ballet" around the house literally up on the knuckles of my toes, spinning, posing in front of the full-length mirror on the back of our bedroom door.

  • My sister and I shared a bedroom our "entire" lives at home...she was a better big sister than I would have been...she was 8 years older, and she didn't mind if I tried on her clothes, held her stuffed animals, and even tagged along on her dates. I cried for many nights after she married at the age of 21 and I was suddenly alone.

  • I loved writing and drawing on the sliding glass door when it was get "steamed up" in the Mother didn't like it so much, but some of my best art was born on those cold winter mornings and evenings. You know, smiley faces, hearts, special messages sometimes.

  • My Daddy was playing baseball with my sister one time in the backyard...I was too small and was told to stay clear of the bat...but I was never a "fully obeying" child because I ALWAYS wanted to be in on the fun...I snuck behind my Daddy to catch the ball as my sister threw it to him just as he drew back to hit the ball and clipped me instead!
  • My senior prom was at the Peachtree Plaza...Ya'll, this was a BIG deal (at that time it was the tallest hotel in the world) in 1977 and I remember my Mother being so scared about our going there and being "up that high". (One of the girls from our school caught her dress in one of the escalators going up to our ballroom....poor thing lost her dress and her evening was over).

  • I love to fly airplanes--yes, FLY the plane--I discovered I had this LOVE from a dear friend/ pilot who had flown f-14's in "'NAM"...I would accompany him in flying single-engine planes out of the "Naval Air Club" at Dobbins, where we would do all of our own system and security checks before taking off. The sunsets were gorgeous, once we got out of the congestion around the Atlanta area. After I was married DH surprised me with a flying lesson at our local airport...(that made 5 times for being in control of an aircraft)...yes, me in control of a large vehicle more than 500 feet above the is exhilarating each time I do it.

    • Now it is my turn to pass the fun to another blogger...How about it?

    TAG, your turn, to the following six bloggers...if you've already posted today, wait and post your turn tomorrow...I know how hard it is to get two in one day.

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    So eager to read your "randoms"!


    Technonana said...

    Wow a pilot, whoda thunk it?
    hmmm, thanks, I think??

    Mezzo Forte said...

    why i oughta pound you....=0)

    2nd Cup of Coffee said...

    Good grief! Who could top flying a plane?? Everything else sounds so milktoast after that. I did the ballet thing, too, but the denomination I grew up in didn't allow dancing. Sad.

    elaine @ peace for the journey said...

    Six random things about my life this week...

    1. I hate my hair. Too flat.
    2. I'm decorating a 3 foot cross with broken stones this week.
    3. Not a fan of the new judge on American Idol.
    4. My seventeen year old made me cry yesterday.
    5. My six year old made me laugh today.
    6. My college son called to just say "hi."
    And one to grow on...
    7. I love waking up to rain.


    Kim said...

    You crack me up! One of my best friends got tipsy at our senior prom (also 1977!), fell off her platform shoes and broke her ankle! But I think your story of the girl losing her dress totally tops any other. Woot! My hubby loves to fly and has his private pilot's license. I'm a white knuckle passenger in small planes. You're a brave woman! I get woozy just strapping into the seat of one of those little ones. Haven't flown in one in a while (no time nor money) but when we did go up, it was in a Cessna 172. What kind did you fly?

    Greg C said...

    My whole life is nothing but a bunch of random events. Swimming swimming, keep on swimming. Where was I?