Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Had a physical today...yep, one of those wonderful things you just can't wait to do every three years or so. No eating past midnight, "step up on the scale, please"..."have you had water only since midnight?...I promise this tourniquet won't be on long...(five vials later, the REAL fun begins.)

"Everything off, the gown opens in the back"...(why are doctors' floors so cold??!!) But, fear not, as soon as I sat on the table one of my "tropical vacations" ensued and I can confirm I wasn't COLD the rest of the exam...(there are some miracle moments in life. )

Pinching, probing, listening, tapping, more listening, pushing, deep breath, hold it...golly, that stethoscope's cold, too! Mild heart murmur. (Not too bad.)
Lights in your ears, in your eyes, up, down, back/forth, every angle imaginable...follow my finger...all the way to the tip of your nose. (and they didn't stay that way, Mom!)

The hardest part was trying to pull information out of my brain to update my chart...with all the lasts...last EKG, last tetanus shot, last migraine, last colonoscopy, last chest xray. I had to really work to remember when those things took place, my memory seems to be in a little red wagon that I pull behind me (...sometimes things in it just fall out for no reason...sometimes it gets away from me and goes flying down the hill all on its own and I can't control it, especially in my dreams at night)...sometimes at night I just want to dump everything out of that wagon so it won't be racing around as I try to go to sleep.

Wow, when I want memory I can't find it ... when I don't want it, it won't turn off, it seems. Have you ever found yourself in that situation?
As life quickly moves along, I have to laugh in those moments when I struggle or "feel really old" and be appreciative of the knowledge that "this too shall pass" and I'll probably feel better later or remember whatever it was I was trying to recall. I just had to laugh when I piggybacked over to Charlotte's Weblog and found this...I just know I'm a member of this group...

"This one is not to be passed along TO others...it is to be TAKEN.
If you consider yourself eligible to receive the DORY AWARD, then by all means please take it and display it proudly on your blog!
And if you do, WELCOME to the DORY CLUB!
If you're not qualified to join, be thankful!"

In addition to the graphic award, I had to post an "audible" of Dory below...I must admit, this is one of my favorite movies of all time, and ELLEN did a "fan-tabulous" job on this part! So the next time you hear me saying "Can I help you?", or if I'm repeating, "P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney"; know I'm "having a moment"...and please be kind! : )