Friday, June 4, 2010

FLASHBACK FRIDAY...sibling stuff

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MY SIBLING BLESSING FROM GOD: an older, awesomely sweet sister! We shared a double bed in our tiny bedroom...saying our prayers nightly, ending with: 'GOOD NIGHT', 'SLEEP TIGHT', 'PLEASANT DREAMS', 'SAME TO YOU!'.

LATER--watching her graduate; attend local college...each caught m attention, helping me see goals as reachable. I wanted to successfully get through school and make my family proud.

NOT LONG AFTER COLLEGE GRADUATION, I cried myself to sleep every night after she married and moved to Charleston, which was 8 hours away from our hometown.

"What was she thinking?!" I mean, he was cute, and sweet, and in the Navy; but, HEY, He wasn't me!" WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT?! HAHAHAHA!

"OUR ROOM" then became 'my' room and it never seemed right (even after Mother let me be bold and redecorate in smiley faces with orange background).

SHE WAS, IS, QUIETER AND MORE STUDIOUS THAN ME. She studied hard, read a lot (She was a 3-year Latin student) and enjoyed basketball in front of the double oak trees with my Daddy in our back yard.

MY EARLY YEARS were spent hangin on monkey bars, ballerina dancing through the house, and flipping handsprings, walkovers and cartwheels, too many to count. She probably wondered "Where in the world did Mother get HER from?" I wasn't loud necessarily but I, for sure, didn't sit still for very long.

MANY DAYS I REMEMBER her busily helping Mother in the house with chores, cooking, and baby sitting for other families. She did all the cooking and housework when Mother had major back surgery that confined her to the bed for months. I remember my sister never complaining about having to pitch in with all of that work. I was so young and didn't have a clue...looking back on it, I feel guilty for not helping more (or at least I don't remember helping).

FIGHTING WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN TOLERATED BY OUR PARENTS...but, I must say, we never wanted to fight. (I'm sure she probably wanted to lock me in a closet whenever I flitted through the house, especially when her boyfriend was there.) But fight?? Nope.


AS AN ADULT LOOKING BACK, I'm sure this had more to do with my sister being an extremely patient person. She was busy giving in to me without my even knowing it. We had a wonderfully peaceful time together.

EVEN WHILE DATING, she and 'cuteness' were often including me on dates and playing games of the day: Operation, Scrabble, and Yahtzee! Remember those fun times still makes me smile.

ONE VERY VIVID MEMORY came after their honeymoon--jumping in the white camaro and "putt putting" until the sun went down on our little town. Surely she would have much preferred staying home and talking 'grown-up' talk with Mother, but my recollection was she wanted to be with me! ;)

BEING A YOUNGER SIBLING gave me a want to "be in on things" so I always wanted to get involved in many groups throughout HIGH SCHOOL. Each class or extra curricular activity challenged me to step up in different ways. Leaving all my friends after graduation caused a big hole in my life for a while...they had temporarily been replacing my 'SIBLING NEED' .

TODAY WE'RE ENJOYING SPENDING TIME TOGETHER WHEN WE CAN. We are especially loving her grand daughter, KATIE, who is growing up with a congenital heart defect. My sister is her primary care giver while my nephew and his wife work to handle their daughter's situation. We are so thankful for today's miracle-working doctors.

...LOOK HOW MUCH SHE'S GROWN!Katie PreschoolI AM SO GRATEFUL GOD BLESSED ME with 'the best' sister.

YA'LL lost out NOT having her ...nanner nanner...:P HAHAHAHAHA!