Saturday, June 26, 2010


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The hummingbirds haven't made an appearance yet; however, the cardinals have been attempting to eat from the new feeder I put out a couple of weeks ago. Some days they are very successful and I get to watch a hub & wife team take turns.

But, there are others who have been visiting and STEALing the bird food....

They almost break their necks hanging over the edge, leaning into the feeding and every once in a while they go flying off the edge of the porch. (I'm still trying to get a picture of that occurring)

One of my best finds @ the thrift store last week for $.50, yes, 50cents...I just love them. They have a sign on the bottom saying they are from Peru. I'm eager to poach some eggs...and I found a great little place to display them!

I bought this little shelf at HobbLobb* ;) during one of their 70% was $4, I believe. It comes in handy for one of my 'note caddies' and is a GREAT place for my car keys (which I can't find if I don't ALWAYS put them in THEIR place...I've already shared the stories about finding things in the 'freezer' that don't 'belong in the freezer', hahaha!

Have a GREAT Sunday!

Jer. 33:3
"Call to me and I will answer you
and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."