Thursday, June 24, 2010


My DD is out and about again, being the social butterfly she is...and I'm BORED.
Doing laundry and mopping floors can go only SO FAR as a form of summertime entertainment.

How about I start a 'remainder-of- the- Summer' meme? Easy, peasie...a pic or two..a quick note saying whatcha been up to...with a friend...or alone even, like me.

that's why I 'asterisked', is that a correct verb?, my SOUTHERN on the button.

Your blogging buddies would like to hear, see, or imagine YOUR summer, I know.

And, it might be WESTERN...
or NORTHERN, pray tell...("Bless them, Lord, they can't help they might be yankees." 'jes teasin.... ;)

Maybe a charm or memory from the past (when the summertime 'living was easy') hahaha...or even your favorite 'summer' scene from a movie...(sorry, Lid...yes, we can talk musicals, too)

Are you game?? Anyone out there interested?

I could do Mr. McLINKY on Sunday night for Monday morning reading.

Here's a quick, Southern Summery memory: When I was a kid, I loved lying on granny's quilt under the magnolia tree looking up at the clouds deciding what 'pictures' they made...elephants, flowers, faces (like inksplats on paper...a form of childhood psychology, for sure)

Jer. 33:3
"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."


2Thinks said...

Love it! And YES!, I'll play, because after all, you and me, we're in the same club, sailing the same sea baby, in the same boat, two peas in a pod (only we are each in our own pod and the baby peas have moved out). Sorry to tell you my pod is up north- pure Yankee country- I know, God love me- BUT I'll try not to emphasize it in your meme. How's that? :)

Your comments have been a wonderful encouragement to me, I think because I know for sure you know what I am talkin' 'bout.

How do you make those meme buttons anyway?

Okay, I'm off to copy and paste it over at my place. Yes, Linky it- I like Linky- like reading all the players' posts.

Joyce said...

I'd be up for a linky to this...sounds like fun. We just share a summer memory? Southern or otherwise : ) I can do southern,northern, western, midwestern, or England-I have lots to choose from. I'll look for you on Sunday night-I'm going to visit my daughters next week but should be able to get on one of their computers. Have a nice weekend!

Kim said...

Sounds fun, although not sure I can do it every week. Seems like I'm having a bit of a problem finding time to blog :(

And, of course, it's WINTER here. LOL But I don't think that would preclude me from participating, would it?