Sunday, September 19, 2010

PROJECT 365 - WK 38

joining late…check out sarah’s for more…

9/13 – no pics :(

9/14 Tuesday was my thrift day…so it wasn’t half price day…so I didn’t get as much stuff…but I did find this cute shirt with this cutey on the front


9/15, 16 – no pics :( but BeStill&Know got pics of DD coming home…she’ll probably post those ;)

9/17:  Friday afternoon DD went to have her hair cut…and that night after DD was able to spend some face time with her girl friends…we had a FONDUE party…with teriyaki pork, shrimp in basil chicken broth and gouda/Swiss with white wine and bread chunks…dessert was chocolate/hazelnut with strawberries and bananas for dipping…yumm to the OHHHHHH!100_7148

9/18: Saturday…no pics during with my camera but DD sent a pic to her best bud while we were shopping for school clothes @ Marshall's…later we enjoyed getting pedi’s @ my nail salon and lunch @ Panera…what a day!  So loved being with my girl.  My feetsies were soooooo happy!


9/19, Sunday:  It came too quickly and she had to jump in her car after gathering her new clothes, her electronics, the washed clothes, her goody bag from Panera and her cute self and drive back to college town…i miss her already

2010-09-191 Hope you had a great week, too!