Friday, May 27, 2011


FFI  joining we go! 
1. This week I _enjoyed getting to talk with dearestdaughter's college friend who came for a short visit; what a sweet person who obviously cares for those around her...she's planning to be an attorney for the 'disabled'_.

2. _Even though I will complain about the hot weather ahead of me, isn't it remarkable and wonderful that I have four distinct seasons that each_ returns.

3. "It's all about _getting to the seeds before the birds!", said the squirrel in my backyard after I refilled the feeder_.

4. _The hibiscus that had been vacationing in my dining room throughout the Winter  were moved to the front porch and are soon to be in their pots where they will basque_ in the sun.

5. I demand _my electric fan must be in working order throughout these hot flashes_.

6. _A mother's_ path, it's filled with _many ups as her child succeeds in making wise decisions and many downs when her child doesn't involve her in everyday happenings_.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _eating seafood with my family_, tomorrow my plans include _some thrift shopping, re- purposing some furniture in our basement then grilling_ and Sunday, I want to _worship and take an afternoon nap_!