Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Joining Susan @ THIS DAY: She noted some famous quotes (with endings missing) that a teacher had given to some of her students to complete...they're quite funny, so jump over to read them.  Also, the post at Joyce's FROM THIS SIDE OF THE POND is participating in  The One-Word Blog Carnival hosted by PeterPollack.com...today's word:  road.  

Joyce was discussing their experiences on the 'road' after college graduation.  It tossed my thoughts into the future about 'wondering where my girl will one day be headed' for her career.  Thoughts swirled with a few beginnings of anxious thoughts...fear of her moving far away and our being unable to enjoy life with her as she  learns 'real life' after college. 
Knowing that I must not allow those kinds of thoughts to overwhelm me, I must think on the things I have seen in her character and fortitude over the past few years.  She might not jump to engage in work, but she has been diligent in her studies and completing projects throughout school.  Even though she didn't take up music in the way I would have loved for her to...by learning to play an instrument of some kind, she chose her own passion to play out in chorus for four years.  Her LOVE of reading has taught her many life lessons, given her adventures without leaving my house and taught her God's thoughts through Bible study and her prayer group (in high school and college).

Seeing and hearing all the above have strengthened my understanding of her grasping her own adulthood...and given me glimpses of the 'roads' she may be walking toward throughout the rest of college.  My prayer continues to be that she holds God's Word in her highest esteem, that she seeks time with Him non-stop and allows His influence and voice to permeate her decisions.

Great composers, writers and philosopher's have contributed their ideas about what it takes to get to the 'right' road.

John Gough's quote spawned this post and could be beneficial to many youth and grownups:  (paraphrased into a question) "Are you sitting by the roadside...waiting for a ride to wealth or influence?" 

This quote becomes even MORE inspiring when you know more about Mr. Gough's life...
  1. Around three years old, had smallpox and lost his sight
  2. His sister assisted him by reading, writing, and making calculations and drawing diagrams on his behalf.
  3. known as a "prodigy in scientific attainments"
  4. published papers in:   natural history, mechanics, mathematics, chemistry, and experimental physics.
Personal choice and initiative become effective when positive steps of action are taken rather than THOUGHT ABOUT...it's in the DOING...not in the SITTING and PONDERING. 
Mr. Gough could have 'sat on the road' like the blind man on the mat in the Bible...but he chose TO DO rather than receive charity or pity.  He wasn't willing to accept his life as a LOSS, he wanted better. 
Where would I be without my Christian legacy?  I'm so thankful for how His Word teaches me and my family.  Those teachings will help guide my daughter's choices which will bring HER consequences.  
Prayerfully may we continue to DO and GET DONE the work God's planned and designed for each of us.  Our time on earth will be short but our hope is on eternally praising Him for giving us love.
Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters..."
 1 Thessalonians 4:11 "...make it your ambition: lead a quiet life, mind your own business and work with your hands."