Thursday, November 10, 2011


Feeling very grateful for being alive to see the beautiful colors of this Fall Season...

I remember a time:

Age= 40, no symptoms
Co-worker=pushing three times, "Get a baseline physical, you look tired!"  

Backstory:  coworker = recent breast-cancer survivor
Nudgings = from 'one who knows'

My physical = numbers looked great...except 'fecal hemoccult'   
Follow-up Colon test = cancerous polyp/surgery/13" less colon
Repeat: 40 years old

Early-detection/MESSY test = 'cure'
Me = still alive, 12 years later  :)

IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD A BASELINE PHYSICAL, or if ANYONE in YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY HAS HAD COLON CANCER, CONSIDER YOURSELF nudged...Go get a physical with a hemoccult/colonoscopy...It might save YOUR LIFE, too.