Monday, November 28, 2011

RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS...yep, got 'em both


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Made in a Day

Melancholy...sad, gloomy, blue ... each time Skoot has to depart and return to college; wanting to get in the car and travel with her; thinking of all the 'possibilities' between here and T'town.

Asking her to 'look in my eyes' and 'repeat', "I promise I will pay close attention to the road and drive slower during the rain" before getting into the driver's seat helped a little of my 'motherly concern'...while at the same time beginning the prayers for her safely traveling down the road.

Reaffirming her gasoline tank situation and reminding her to call me when she got there, rounded out my 'normal' discussions after I hugged her 'goodbye' one more time.

Waving as she pulled out, I'm thinking, "Mommies just crave to: "protect them no matter what", "peek in their bedroom door seeing them enjoying their Holiday rest", "feed them their favorite whatever/whenever", "capture their smiles for all times' sake in case they aren't within reach", "talk to them about their heartl-felt concerns" and "hug them whenever/whereever/always".

I'm just cravin' those things noted above, and she just left out the driveway.

Walking back into the house knowing I must get onto other things and keep myself busy until I hear the phone, or get a text, or see an update on Facey-Booky.
Welp...Hubs back to work, Skoot back to school...  
"OK, tree, it's just you and me" :/