Sunday, November 20, 2011


there is no plan to this blog

probably opposite of what next week is going to b

I did buy some groceries today that will help me shorten the amount of time in the kitchen next week.  Food Lion had bread cubes buy one get one free, so I got those.  And, their 'pre-made' cornbread was also I got two of those.  

This WILL greatly decrease the amount of time when making my southern dressing.  I'll be able to leave the bread cubes out overnight on a baking sheet and then combine them with the cornbread and spices, oil, eggs and other items on Wednesday, to let them meld together before baking off the dressing.  
(Hubs is having some 'day surgery' next week, so I'm not sure how much extra time I'll get to have in the kitchen. )

Other than the breads, I got several 'last day' manager specials (pork loin, pork chops). Pop Tarts were on sale, so BabyGirl will like that I have those on hand for her home visit.

Picked up and dropped off shirts at the laundry then headed home and vacuumed.  

'Our team' wasn't being televised this week, so I wasn't as compelled to watch the college games.  

Just thinking outloud...maybe I think I'll get BabyGirl to choose a dessert she can make for Thursday...she's coming home tomorrow afternoon and i might as well get her involved, too.

Sunday afternoon is going to be this week's laundry day for me (it usually is on Mondays).

I've got to make an appointment to 'cut these hairs on my head'.  I've let it get too long...I sure hope Jaimie is cutting sometime next week.

There's work for me to do at the church on Tuesday morning; shouldn't take long; I'm glad it's not too big of a job.

Oh, and the furnace man is coming sometime Monday to do a 'general maintenance' before the weather turns colder.

My Bible study class is NOT meeting next week, so I'll have a few more days to work on the study and the outline for our next time together.

Finished another knitted hat today...not really sure what I'm going to do with it.  

I've got to start thinking more about Christmas...I only have a very few things bought and/or made...maybe this will help...BRASSY APPLE has 52 neighborly gifts listed for Christmas...thought you might like to download it, too.


Miss Gracie's House is hosting a giveaway...Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts...go check it out before the drawing is closed.

Jer. 33:3 "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." 



Joyce said...

My youngest had some surgery on Thursday so I've been in SC with her for a few days. My to do list is waiting on me when I get home tonite! I'm glad I was able to be here though...she needed a little bit of mom tlc : )

Hope all goes well for your hubs...enjoy having your daughter home!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Something a little less random...

You won a copy of my book. Please e-mail me your address and how you would like the book autographed.


Sassy Granny ... said...

Let's face it: "random" is how our (women's) brains work :)

As I read through your list, I had to laugh. At any one point in time my own thoughts rummage around in similar fashion. I think it's call "multi-thinking", which makes for perfect multi-tasking.

You go, girl!

Sweet Tea said...

"BUSY" seems to be the word of the day for everyone, but sounds like you have a good plan, so you're half-way there already...Hope your husband does well and recoups nicely after his surgery.

BTW, our dog's name is actually "Boudroux" (booed-row), but we have nicknamed him Boudxy (Boo - Dee). We live in Louisiana, so the name is fairly common here.

Have a great Thanksgiving!