Monday, February 27, 2012

ACADEMY NOTES…what do you think?

Busy PhilippsBUSY P* was ‘busy’ looking more ‘irritated’ than ‘happy’ to being photographed at the red-carpet event…She could have been thinking:
“This photographer doesn’t even 'unnerstan' my BEST side…”
“If the lady in her red dress asks me one more time for an autograph, I’m gonna….”
“How long will I have to wait forever for Mr. Bowtie to come up here with me for this shot?”
Emma StoneEMMA S* was like a large Christmas bow but very beautiful. 

There was a woman behind her, however, who appears to have NOTHING on underneath her dress…
and there are more photos to show you MORE detail…
Emma StoneHope her sequins never got ‘off-center’…
See what I mean…her sequins continue, partially, in the back; just enough to cover her ‘bum’…omgoodness!
Rooney Mara
Poor Roona didn’t know what was being seen in her shot…
Rooney MaraROONA MARA looks very dainty in this gown…but the gentleman behind her seems a little confused.
Jane SeymourJANE SEYMOUR is always gorgeous in her gowns and she didn’t fail this year, either. 
Butttttttt, the golden-clad maiden behind her was a little more flamboyant.
Jane Seymourrather ‘flamenco-ish"’ for my taste…she just needs a Spanish conquistador to escort her.
Jennifer Lopez
J LO is always pretty too; one of the critics I read compared her to a “statue-from-a-building-ish”. 

Where’s Matthew when you need him?