Wednesday, June 27, 2012



1. FREEDOM and LIBERTY are casting-out fear words.  They were fought over, people died for them.
Yet, lately they’ve been SQUASHED by people who don’t seem to appreciate them, or understand what they mean.  Why do some want FEAR sneaking back in where it is NOT wanted…my prayers are for casting out that FEAR and welcoming back in true FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

2. HOTDOGS/BRATWURST/SAUSAGES call out to me, wanting to be covered in onions/peppers/mustard sometimes, and other times they just want slaw or pickle relish

3. ASPARAGUS would be on my ‘all-you-can-eat’ wish list, and it doesn’t matter if it’s roasted, baked, seared or barbecued…God was thinking DELICIOUS when He made that one!

4. Our household rotated around a TRIUMERATE: three officers functioning jointly…God, Daddy and Mother.

5. Only a few times as a kid did I get to go to PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA for vacation…and it was wonderfully fun walking on the shore, looking for sea shells and sand dollars with my Mom, playing catch in the pool with my Daddy…not so fun was having my shoulders and back rubbed in Noxzema after the sunburn, because we did NOT have the good sunscreens lotions/sprays.

6. GUEST ROOMS are great for SNORING relief Winking smile, so mine gets used quite a lot. 

7. Celebration of the 4th changes according to the weather: less humidity calls us to watching fireworks outside our church with the multitude of families in our town; thunderstorms require our watching public TV's presentation from Washington on the TV.

8. Usually during this time of year my grandmother’s touch-me-nots are blooming.  But, this year NONE came up and my yard is empty of color (almost)…I did LOVE having them


Rebecca Jo said...

Do they even still make noxema? I just smelled it from a memory :)

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

My mom had a collection of sand dollars in a jar from her beach trips! So fun!

Joyce said...

Noxema! Who didn't love that smell???? : )

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes Noxzema...I remember the smell so well! (like Joyce I liked it) The fireworks on TV are always so pretty. Would love to go sometime.

Deb said...

Love Noxzema :) Enjoyed your answers, especially #6. If we had a guest room my husband would put me in there!

Donna said...

Love the hodgepodge. I remember Noxzema well. Many nights i gooped it on my burnt to a crisp skin. It felt cool for about thirty seconds. I can still smell it.

Marla said...

I too used Noxema - for washing my face, but for cooling a burn also. It had a distinct smell didn't it? Gosh, is it still on the market?

auburnchick said...

PC Beach is near me, and it has the most beautiful beach in Florida!

Noxema...yes...I remember. I will never forget the smell or cool feel of it. It was wonderful!!

Theresa said...

I remember those old jars of Noxema. I can just smell it now. One year we had lots of rain on the 4th and we had a picnic on our living room floor. It was fun :)

Conny said...

yep, smelling the noxema as well!!!! I'm fair skinned so my childhood reeks of that stuff!! :)

Like your parenting philosophy!! :)

Pam Lofton said...

I wonder why the flowers didn't come up this year? I LOVE the smell of Noxema and my memories are like yours- of being at the beach and getting sunburned and then slathering in it! I love asparagus too- but not near as much as my FIL's dog did- my FIL planted it in his garden every year and his dog would eat it all up before he could pick it! LOL