Thursday, June 28, 2012

TOIL-WORN …update

Last night my early motherhood flooded my dreams, specifically the joy of breast feeding my little girl. 

 Moving from place to place yet having a constant need to feed my baby…holding her tighter…softly rubbing that velvety, wispy-blonde scalp, running a much-younger finger around her pink cheek…her eyes calling out “so good", “more, please”.

Recently I’ve been craving holding my girl, who is soon to be a 3rd-year college girl.

This memory probably bubbled up through my synapses because of deep longings ... Or, putting on my ‘faithful ears', His creative design emits into my dreams so it can intersect with today’s devotion…

My Provider wanting to ‘feed me’, hold me in His arms…

feeding me a greater Way than through breast milk, greater nutrition from His Holy Word

flowing out His eternal-soul care.

Corners of my cravings, also included my having attended two for an ‘aunt-in-law” family member and one for a dear Church-family member. 
Below:  Aunt Doris in her wedding dress designed out of her veteran hubby's parachute he used to jump into Holland in precious !

Below is Mr. Bobby and his wife...
We volunteered together at our church and got to share stories of our families and college times...Roll, Tide!  I will miss my friend dearly...
so, now I will be about loving Ms. Joan even MORE.
Two people...whom I was NOT ready to ‘lose’ now (which speaks of my selfishness in delaying their Holy Communion with their Lord). 

So, I wanted to share a comforting understanding of 1 Thessalonians:

Charles Spurgeon's Morning and Evening - Thursday, June 28, 2012 (Morning)

"Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him."  1 Thess. 4:14
...each night a Sabbath for the day
...toil-worn believer quietly sleeps, as does a weary child when it slumbers on its mother's breast.
...clothed with the wedding garment of incorruption.  Blessed are those who "sleep in Jesus.
…comforted me with a ‘holding of my baby’ in my dreams 
…‘sent your angels to guard me while I claiming 'Sabbath in sleep’. 

Tell me how You're talking to the readers of my blog...
but I'm hoping they'll leave me comments, too!

How many here give JESUS their problems???

P.S. Update:  My girl called me Thursday night and told me she was heading home Friday God anwered my prayers VERY specifically...God's so creatively wonderful!