Wednesday, June 10, 2009


GROWING WITH IT, Linda, is hosting her WHAT's YOUR ANSWER WEDNESDAY carnival...some fun questions and even funnier answers...come join us...OR AT LEAST LEAVE YOUR ANSWERS

  1. What candy do you sneak into the movies?
  2. Who was your "celebrity crush" as a child?
  3. What life-long habit do you have?
1. My daughter loves to "pull apart" Twizzlers...I like GOOBERS :)

2. Having my teens in the "70's", can you say, "BOBBY SHERMAN" ?

3. Twisting my hair ...even though I don't have much "to twist"...I pull up a strand and tap it with my finger tip.
OK, it's YOUR TURN!!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

M & M's or Milk Duds

Davy Jones, Donny Osmond OMGosh they made my young heart flutter!!!!!

I'm a hair twister as well!

sara said...

1. milk duds or hot tamales (did I just admit to sneaking candy into the theatre?)

2. Bobby Sherman all the way!!! I had a life size poster of him on my door!! Davy Jones was a close 2nd

3. Nail biting. especially when I am stressed or nervous.

Kim said...

I am just flat too tired to post tonight but I can at least visit some of my bloggy friends :-)

To answer the questions:
1. What candy do you sneak into the movies? SweeTarts
2. Who was your "celebrity crush" as a child? I had a major thing for Peter from the musical group, The Monkees. But Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy also made my heart go pitter patter :-)
3. What life-long habit do you have? A bad one: chewing my nails. I don't do it so much now but I still can't get them to grow nicely.

Growin' with it! said...

1. red licorice. who wants to pay $2.50 sheesh. but as my boys get older, i can't sneak stuff in anymore...cuz they call me on it!

2. shaun cassidy...*big sigh*

3. nail biting. off and on over the years. hate it!

thanks for playing!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I always love your answers. I had a thing for Bobby Sherman before I could've even known the difference between boys and girls!